#WomenCrush Music Nashville Chapter Re-Launches With New CL Lauren Autry


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Women Crush Music: Nashville networking event for female singers and songwriters | SongFancy.com

Women Crush Music and SongFancy

Inspiration and networking? Heck yes.

If you’re a Nashville bound lady and you’re looking to attend an event with killer live music, inspiring songwriter babes, and a great chance to network, check out the latest from #WomenCrush Music. They’re relaunching their Nashville chapter and kicking things off with a fantastic showcase.

Here are all the details, babe:

#WomenCrush Music relaunches their Nashville Chapter with an October Showcase featuring a stacked line-up

The showcase will take place on Thursday, October 4th at The Local. Local Nashville artists Ayla Brown, Bee Taylor, Lottie, and Daphne & the Mystery Machines will perform.

SHOWCASE – Nashville @ The Local – Thursday, October 4th, 7PM

#WomenCrush Music’s mission is to connect, educate, and inspire rising women songwriters through showcases and workshops, in a way that is inexpensive and accessible to the community. After a brief hiatus, #WCM is excited to be back in Nashville with new Chapter Leader, Lauren Autry. Lauren, founder of On The Stage, and a singer-songwriter herself, is the perfect fit to lead the community of women artists in Nashville.

“What a blessing to have an opportunity to merge my booking experience with a team of strong women behind a strong mission. After years of getting to know artists and writers in Nashville, and getting to play beside them, I’m thrilled to represent an organization that not only supports what we all do, but aims to encourage, promote, uplift and stand behind us doing it.

Founder Ashley Kervabon notes the importance of our relaunch in Nashville, stating

“Nashville was one of the first cities we launched back when #WCM first started, and the amount of support the organization received was incredible. Nashville is a haven for so much talent and the new #WomenCrush Music team led by Lauren Autry is more dedicated than ever to helping artists thrive by spreading our mission. I am personally very excited for everything this chapter will accomplish!”

Head over to the #WCM Facebook page to see more upcoming events and collaborations on the books. Want to stay up-to-date on everything #WCM? Visit their site to sign up for their monthly newsletter, announcing showcases and events nationwide.

Please see below for a schedule of upcoming events for October 2018:

SHOWCASE – Nashville @ The Local – Thursday, October 4th, 7PM

Also in October: Stay tuned for the relaunch of the Chicago chapter & the unveiling of a NEW chapter!

Women Crush Music Nashville Showcase | on SongFancy.com

All about #WomenCrushMusic: Roots in the Portland Songwriting Scene

In January 2017, Ashley Kervabon organized a live showcase to address the need for a stronger community among women songwriters in Portland, OR. The event’s humble turnout but overwhelmingly positive feedback struck a chord in Ashley. She quickly reached out to women in other cities, who also expressed the need for similar showcase series. Realizing this was an industry-wide gap, Ashley knew it was time to make a change: and so #WomenCrush Music began. Starting with Ashley’s hometown connections in NYC, #WomenCrush Music became a growing vision for women artists and the music industry at large. As the organization expanded to Nashville, and across borders to Vancouver BC, the #WomenCrush mission started attracting artists from across the USA and beyond in search of both local performance opportunities as well as a more expansive network of like-minded ladies. By January 2018, #WomenCrush was present in 13 cities, cultivating communities through events designed to connect, educate, and inspire. Since then, a Lenny Letter feature and big-name partnerships by the likes of SoFar Sounds have established #WomenCrush Music as a powerful positive force in today’s music industry. Ashley, her fellow team members, and a full board of directors look forward to the developments ahead in 2018 and 2019.

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