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Think of us as your songwriter bff that you always email lyrics to. The one that grew up learning Taylor Swift songs on her guitar just like you did. The one you bounce new song ideas off of. The one that comes to every show and cheers you on, even if the room is mostly tables and chairs.

SongFancy is your place to get your daily dose of inspiration when you feel like the well has run dry. It's also the place you can come to get premier songwriting education from a contemporary perspective.

Because SongFancy loves the music you love. We grew up with notebooks upon notebooks filled with lyrics and poems. We sing along with the radio and know every single word. We've played on small stages and large, and are working up to even bigger ones. We dream of the day when we share our music with the world and hear the world singing back.

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Meet the Creator

Sarah Spencer is a Nashville based singer/songwriter who loves talking song.

A letter from SongFancy creator, Sarah Spencer

"Hi SongFancy writer!

I'm Sarah, nice to meet you! I'm from central Florida, I live in Nashville, and songwriting is my obsession.

Writing has been in my blood ever since I can remember.

I started writing stories in middle school. They were pretty bad.

(I mean, rl rl bad.)

They were about dorky stuff like alien abductions, ghosts, and other weird sci-fi. But I loved it—writing my weird little short stories gave me the freedom to be myself.

From there, my obsession progressed to include poetry, lyrics, piano instrumentals, and finally, when I put it all together, pop songs.

I haven't put down the pen since.

Professioal shot of Sarah Spencer, creator of SongFancy, playing guitar.

I began studying the songs I heard on the radio.

I carefully dissected my favorite tracks from my favorite artists.

I wanted to find what made them tick, what made me love them so much.

I read liner notes and lyrics and was glued to my CD collection. Popular music of the 2000's was like a lifeline, and I paid attention to every. Single. Word.

After college, where I dutifully completed a BFA in Graphic Design, it only took a few months post-graduation for me to realize that this whole 'writing music thing' was actually something I wanted to take seriously.

I couldn't kid myself any longer. The comfortable job at the software company designing government websites was nice and all, but my heart was being pulled elsewhere.

So in the summer of 2012, I quit my job and moved to Nashville to write songs. It was the best decision I could have ever made for myself.

Since then, I've checked many items off my songwriting career bucket list, including:


Sarah Spencer at TheBluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN | SongFancy


While I haven't reached all my goals just yet, I've learned so much about what it takes to be a dedicated, happy, working songwriter.

And that's why I started SongFancy. I wanted to share with other writers, everything that helped me when I was struggling.

When I'm faced with writer's block, a loud inner critic, rejection, and loneliness, I've learned the skills to take care of myself and get back to the joy of writing songs.

Artists of all mediums are told that we have to me miserable (and poor) in order to be real artists.

I'm calling bullshit.

I've you've been told that before, my message to you is: 'You don't have to suffer just because you're a songwriter.'

The tortured artist is a cliche that you don't have to buy into.

We've brought other brilliant songwriters and performers into the SongFancy universe to share their wisdom, as well. You'll see tons of guest posters sharing their knowledge about songwriting, mental health, and performance. They bring a fresh perspective to the blog, and we're so blessed to know them.

I cannot wait to hear what you're writing. I truly hope you enjoy the blog and learn something new every day. Get on our email list and we'll send new songwriting tips to your inbox each week as they publish.

Happy writing, Fanciers!"

Sarah at SongFancy

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