The best recording gear, songwriting courses, and more tools for songwriters from SongFancy's favorite people and brands.

The best songwriting resource is one that gets you feeling creative right away! Here is a curated list of highly inspiring resources for songwriters that help with mastering songwriting techniques, growing your community of collaborators, and earning income from music. Happy writing!

Songwriting Communities

Our fave songwriting accountability groups, learning circles, and memberships.

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SongFancy writers come together in our very own songwriting community! With weekly writing meetups, song prompts, access to workshops, and monthly learning, and feedback on your songs, Song Club is an amazing place to make songwriter friends. Come write with us!


Kick your inner critic out of the writing room with this free 5 day challenge. Write 5 songs in 5 days with an amazing group of songwriters. Come on in!

$37 - $55

Level up your 5/5 experience with feedback on your songs & exclusive materials to help you finish, polish, and share your music.


Join me inside my buddy Mike Meier and Heather Evans' sync songwriting membership. You'll lean sync songwriting techniques, recording, and industry tips to get your music placed!

Recording Equipment for Songwriters

Here are some of my favorite pieces of gear for songwriters interested in building a home recording studio for songwriting.

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My closed back headphones for tracking, mixing, and mastering.

Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface - Home Studio for Songwriters - SongFancy

My travel interface. USB, with 4 inputs. (Also has a 2 input version.)

Solid dynamic mic for vocals. (Podcasting and voice overs, too!) Loved by many!

Super popular mic, and very budget friendly for a condenser mic. Record vocals and acoustic instruments with this guy!

An additional option for my writers focused on great sounding acoustic instruments. We've had one for 10+ years and it hasn't let us down yet!

An essential for recording vocals. This is one of many you can choose from—I find the gooseneck and flexy arm extremely helpful!

If you have an untreated room, (which most of us do!) this can be a huge help with keeping unwanted reflections out of your recordings.

There are many mic stands like this out there. This listing is helpful because it includes a handful of different adapters.

Another option for mic stand. This one mounts to your desk and can swing in and out of the way.

Cute little midi controller for those who don't need many octaves.

My midi controlled! I'm obsessed with her. Full 88 semi-weighted keys, drum pads, and plenty knobs for automation.

I'm OBSESSED with these earplugs. Saving your hearing is sexy, and so are these earplugs! They're like jewelry.

Get 15% off when you use my link!

Songwriting Courses

Online courses to help you learn how to write songs, level up your playing, and more.

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If you are a beginning guitarist, this is a must-take course from Emmy Award winning guitarist, producer, and songwriter, Mike Meiers.

You'll learn how to write music on guitar that that is professional and sophisticated, boost your confidence, and learn a ton about commercially viable songwriting.

11 Video modules

Private Group opportunity

10 Bonus videos, lessons