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Why you need to finish songs - all the way through! From beginning to end. |

4 Reasons Why You Need to Finish More Songs Than You Start


It can be really easy to start a new song that you’re excited about, then walk away once the thrill is gone. Especially if you…

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In the past, we bought albums for the experience of entering into a world that our favorite artist created. With an album, we consume the entire project in a linear fashion – from beginning to end. But with today’s social media-produced attention spans, an album is like a novel you only read on vacations.

Your Song is Not an Album

Jess Cates is a professional songwriter with over 100 songs recorded and over 15 million records sold. He’s also had songs placed in films and television. Though…

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Well written love songs by incredible contemporary songwriters. Get your love on. |

I know you love love songs.

Happy Valentine’s day, love! WIth v-day right around the corner, I wanted to made some lovely little playlists for you. They’re full of incredibly well…

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