Are you a hobby songwriter or indie artist looking for the next creative challenge to grow in your craft?

Join the 5 in 5 Level Up
Advanced Tools & Feedback for Finishing and Polishing Your 5 in 5 Challenge Songs

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Your heart beats faster at the thought of sharing your soul’s music with the world. So you’ve joined the 5 in 5 Song Challenge, and you’re ready to write!

Do you want to play your favorite songs at shows and open mics and feel super confident in your material?

Maybe release an EP or singles of your most authentic songs like your fave artists do?

Want to finally share your best songs socials to introduce your art to friends and followers?

Or maybe you simple want to know you’re making informed, educated song craft decisions when re-writing?

You start strong on the first day, but after a few days of writing, you find yourself running into these hurdles:

A bunch of half-finished songs (they’ve got potential, but you just. Need. More. Time!)

Editing the ones you have is overwhelming (and making the time for it? How??)

Lack of professional guidance and feedback (someone to walk through your songs with you line by line)

No supportive community to encourage you once the challenge ends (THE 5/5 FAMILY WITHDRAWLS)

The blessing/curse of no deadlines! ("Where do I even start on my own??")

Without the deadline, community, and structure of the 5 in 5, you find it too easy to slip back into your old habits. (But don’t beat yourself up, it’s totally normal. The 5/5 is super fast paced, no one can keep that up for long)

So how can you make the most of your challenge week while it’s happening?

Here’s the solution:


The 5 in 5 Level Up

Level Up runs alongside the 5 in 5 Song Challenge, amplifying and advancing your song skills as you go!

The level up is rocket fuel to your boosters during the challenge, and the wind in your sails to help you finish and edit songs afterward.