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Sarah Spencer

How Pop Artist Chey Rose Writes her Songs, Miniview – For Singer_Songwriters | SongFancy, songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary lady singer songwriter

I. Love. Chey Rose.

Bold statement incoming:

She’s making some of the best chilled out, girl-pop music in Nashville at the moment. If not the best.

Chey’s songs are romantic, entrancing; full of laid-back synths and kick drums that you feel before you hear. Layered with close up vocals and washed out harmonies, Chey tells you exactly what’s happening in her life with the intimacy of a conversation in a dark corner of a club. You feel like you’re talking with your best friend over 2-for-1 glasses of rose – her music pulls you in.

Her latest release Good Habit is a close up portrait of a love story between two mismatched-but-perfect-together people. Chey gives us a glimpse into her songwriting process and where the idea came from in our mini-interview:

1. So give us the story behind this song. What inspired it?

Good Habit started out with just a couple of the opening lines about “remembering when we first met” and a “vintage fashion jean jacket.” As the song started coming alive, we kind of expanded from just talking about fashion and created a deeper meaning of addiction.

We channeled the feelings of knowing someone is bad for you, but holding on anyway because it’s less scary than letting go and starting new.

I feel like that addiction to a toxic habit or relationship is something everyone can relate to.

2. Where do you usually start when you’re writing?

I normally start with a title or one main concept, like the payoff lyric or the chorus hook line, because then I have a big idea to tie everything back to.

For Good Habit, it just happened to be the first line we built around. One of my best friends and favorite co-writers, Shir Czopp, brought the opening line into our write and I immediately fell in love with the vibe and melody, so we built the story around the opening line.

Once I have a main hook line or overview of where the song is going I start brainstorming and creating a world around it. This is my favorite part of the songwriting process, because you can literally dream up any story and then use sensory images to retell it in the verses. Once the verse and chorus are done, the second verse generally comes easily!


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3. Where can we find you online?

Pretty much any online music service, social media, etc. Below are a few links! I would love to hear from you – always looking for new cowriters, so feel free to reach out. Let’s connect!

Website | Spotify | iTunes | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

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Sarah Spencer is an award winning singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN.

Born in the Sunshine State, Sarah Spencer writes vibrant, shining americana/pop music. She works in Nashville TN as a singer/songwriter, as well as a UX designer for a marketing firm.

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