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Sarah Spencer

All my favorite places to read about songwriting! | Songwriting tips on

This list could get so big. So fast. So I’m keeping it to the greatest hits!

Here are all my favorite blogs and resources that I read obsessively:

DIY Musician Blog from CD Baby

This blog is chock full of easy to digest how-to’s for those of us who just need some plain language explanations of how the heck to do this whole music career thing!

Man Vs. Row by Brent Baxter

I was lucky enough to have a mentoring session with Brent a couple years back, and I have followed his blog ever since. He’s got cuts for days with artists like Randy Travis, Lady Antebellum, and Alan Jackson. Despite being a total badass, he’s a super humble guy. Check out songwriting from a hit writer’s perspective on his blog.

Flypaper from Soundfly

Soundfly is a boutique online music education group. This ain’t yer elementary school days of “music education” – Soundly makes learning how to make music fun, digestible, and easy for anyone to jump into. Their blog is full of killer information, from how PRO’s work to getting your music played on the radio. Fun fact, I write for them, too! Check out my collection of articles on Flypaper for songwriting tips.

The Patreon Blog on Patreon

Ok, so I also write for this blog. But beyond the shameless plugging, the Patreon blog is one of the best places on the internet for creators of all disciplines to learn how to get their art to their people. There’s tons to learn about finding your tribe, making music that makes you money, and how to stay inspired as a creative. Plus, Patreon is one of my favorite resources for songwriters and performers to make a steady income directly from their music. Say whaaaat? Here’s my Patreon profile! by Cliff Goldmacher

Cliff was one of the very first people I met when I moved to Nashville, and he has remained a steadfast friend, collaborator, and mentor. I seriously love this guy. He’s got over 1,000 songs in his catalog, runs a recording studio in Nashville (oh and one in Sonoma, CA), and still finds time to write about songwriting for those of us to want to learn from him. You’ll find tons of songwriting career-specific resources on his blog. Then drop him a line about recording some demo’s! by Katherine Forbes

Katherine is bae. I have the distinct pleasure of calling this girlboss a friend. I default to her blog when I need tools to help keep me on top of my “artist songwriter” game. She has tons of great resources for the performing songwriter who is pursuing a career as an artist. You want to grab all the downloadables on her site. And order her music marketing workbook!

The Sonicbids Blog on Sonicbids

Endless, bountiful articles on anything you could ever want to know about songwriting, performing, touring, booking, recording, singing, playing, marketing… the list goes on and on! There’s always something new to learn on the Sonicbids blog.

CyberPR Music Blog by Ariel Hyatt

I’ve had the good fortune of working with Ariel Hyatt in my waking life as a web designer. She is just as amazing as we all suspect. her CyberPR Music blog is full of necessary reading for the songwriter who wants to get herself out there on the net. I especially love her 3 part mini series on music marketing.


A bit all over the board in terms of topics, Hypebot offers some interesting reads that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. They publish lots of info on music industry news, signings, financials, things of that nature.

Music Think Tank

The creative working musician blog side of Hypebot! Music Think Tank does a great roundup of articles from all over the web. Aaaand I just discovered that if you type my name in the search bar, you get some of my older pieces, too. Wouldja look at that!

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