How Musicians can Use Pinterest to Reach More Fans


Sarah Spencer


Pinterest is ridiculous, y’all.

For real, it’s incredible the kinds of things Pinterest can do for your brand. Because of the varying types of content Pinterest allows you to share, you can get a lot of eyes on your music simply by putting out interesting, visual, branded materials. Not to mention the 70 MILLION users on the site (more fun statistics here). Odds are good someone who finds your content will share it, repin it, or click through and check out your material. Here are some quick tips for setting up a successful, musician friendly Pinterest brand.


Make High quality images with Lyrics

This is super fun. Get an awesome free, creative commons image from Flickr or Unsplash. Then, place some of your best lyrics on top of it. Choose a lyric that’s short and sweet, but packed with meaning. One to two lines is perfect. Next, link the pin to your website, put your lyric again in the description, along with your name, the title of the song, and your website’s url. Consider adding 2 or so hashtags to further optimize your descritoption. Check out Pinterest’s Quotes category for some visual and typographic inspiration.

Keep in mind, people will re-pin and share your images because they’re great images.

Not necessarily because they’ve instantly become a fan of your music. You want a great image to draw in as many people as possible. The right people will find their way to your music from there. So I can’t stress enough the importance quality photos. Get good ones! Blurry, grainy, small, or awkward images will die a quick death on Pinterest. Vertical images are also your friend – since Pinteret’s layout is much more suited for taller images than wider ones, vertical images have a bigger impact.


Pin Your YouTube Videos with Interesting Thumbnails

Pinterst will let you share videos and play them in a wonderful lightbox on their site. While people don’t necessarily come to Pinterest looking for videos or music, an enticing thumbnail image can draw in potential fans. Video has become one of the most compelling pieces of content when it comes to making an impression on web users.


Short descriptions, interesting thumbnails, and links back to their Channels make these winning pins!


Pin your images In the description section, write your name, the title of your song, the url to your web site (or YouTube channel if you’re so inclined) and a SHORT comment on what the song is about. You can also make good use of hashtags!


Add Amazing Descriptions and Accurate Links

Amazing images are going to get people interested in your pins, but without proper linking and descriptions, your efforts will be in vain! For every item you pin, do not neglect to add a short description and a url to your website. This is crucial! If you don’t add your url, then the pin won’t link, and people won’t find their way back to your website. Here are some screenshots of the process:

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 1.25.35 AM

Description: Include your lyric, your name, and the title of your song, along with the URL to your website. Now people can click on this image, and the pin will take them to

Pin High Quality Pins, Steadily

Much like Facebook, Pinterest has introduced a formula that determines what content shows up on a Pinner’s home feed. Gone are the days of pinning and image, and then your followers see it as soon as it’s up. Now, Pinterest displays a combination of their follower’s pins and other relate to pins, curated by Pinterest and the user’s “Like” history. It’s in your best interest to space your pins out – a handful throughout the day.


Link your pins in the comments below! I wanna see em. And other Fanciers, re-pin them and let’s pay forward the promo! <3

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Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer is an award winning singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN.

Born in the Sunshine State, Sarah Spencer writes vibrant, shining americana/pop music. She works in Nashville TN as a singer/songwriter, as well as a UX designer for a marketing firm.

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