End 2019 the Write Way — The 5 in 5 Song Challenge is Back!


Sarah Spencer

Join the December 5 in 5 Song Challenge | Presented by SongFancy
Join the 5 in 5 Song Challenge today! Presented by SongFancy

The next session of the 5 in 5 Song Challenge is open — save your spot today!

Are you feeling up for a songwriting challenge?  Grab your seat here and come write 5 songs in 5 days with an amazing group of SongFancy writers. This will be the last challenge before the new year, so end 2019 the write way!
Challenge Dates: December 9-13, 2019

Reserve your seat by signing up below:

Why this challenge is so awesome:

It destroys writer’s block. This challenge will kickstart your inspiration and get you writing. Fast. You don’t have to come with ideas – we got the prompts! I got you covered – each day, we’ll all be writing to pre-made songwriting prompts. You don’t have to wait for a great idea to come to you. It’s lightening fast. This is a fast-paced, speed songwriting challenge. You’ll have 24 hours to write a complete song. The best way to do that is to sit down and knock it out in 30 mins – 1 hour, or write it in the gaps of your day. Join the hundreds of other SongFancy songwriters who are crushing it inside the 5 in 5 Song Challenge.

Here are some reasons why you’d want to join the challenge:

You’re feeling uninspired. You’re lonely. You feel like you’re writing in a vacuum and really wish you had like-minded people to share your work with. You want to get good. FAST. Your negative internal dialog has gotten out of control, and you really want to prove your inner critic wrong. You want to kick bad habits out of the writing room. You have an EP, show, tour, or other project coming up that needs a lot of songs. You like a challenge. If any of this sounds like you, come join in on the fun!

What you’ll get during this challenge:

  • 5 daily song prompts to write to
  • Private Challenge-only Facebook group
  • Feedback on your songs (from me & the group)
  • Encouragement, tips, and tricks!
  • 5 NEW SONGS!

This is the quickest way to kick your inner critic OUT of the writing room!

After this challenge, you’ll have learned how to write quickly and effectively despite your mean little inner critic! Sign up below:

How it works:

When you join, you’ll get access to the private challenge Facebook group. Each day for 5 days, I’ll post a unique song prompt. Your mission for that day is to write a completed song to that prompt, then come back to the challenge Facebook group and share it! (Sharing is totally optional, but it’s a wonderful way to get feedback, make friends, and conquer self-doubt). You can submit songs that include music and lyrics, or lyrics only. Many writers even participate with their favorite cowriters!
Got more questions on how this all works? Check out the full FAQ on this page. The 5 in 5 Song Challenge, presented by SongFancy.

Sign me up!

If you want to come have a great time with a bunch of other awesome songwriters, save your seat today! The challenge kicks off on December 9th, so get in early and reserve your spot by using the sign up form below:
More details on the 5 in 5 here!
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Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer is an award winning singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN.

Born in the Sunshine State, Sarah Spencer writes vibrant, shining americana/pop music. She works in Nashville TN as a singer/songwriter, as well as a UX designer for a marketing firm.

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You can jump on her email list at SarahSpencer.com or purchase her debut EP, "Freshman Year" on iTunes.