Stay At Home Songwriting Retreat: Day 1 The big ask: Why do we write songs?

Stay At Home Songwriting Retreat: Day 1 The big ask: Why do we write songs?

Welcome to your Stay At Home Songwriting Retreat week!

Are you ready for this? Do you feel like you’ve needed this in your life? I’m so glad you’re here! Because every now and then, we just need some time to set aside for ourselves from the obligations of daily life, to nurture our creative spirits and just. Write.

But as much as we know we need time to write, we rarely make that time because it’s difficult to structure it in.

Well y’all, let me be part of that structure for you! For the next 5 days, I’m going to guide you along on your very own, personalized songwriting retreat with daily emails to get you started. No plane ticket required, you don’t have to pay for a hotel room, or even pack a suitcase - we’re going to do this right in the comfort of your own home!

So what’s this week going to look like? Here’s what’s gonna go down:

I’m going to get you inspired in a major way by guiding you on a deep dive into your creative inner workings. I’m going to be be asking you to answer some hard questions and get you thinking about your songwriting in a whole new and completely authentic way.

And! We’re going to write 4 new songs based on thought provoking prompts. Each day you’ll get a new video, like this one, delivered to your inbox. Watch the video, think about the message, and write your song. On the last day, we celebrate with a day off from writing and I have a special offer for retreat grads who make it all the way through.

So, let’s get started! How about we dive into Day 1.

Day 1’s big ask is:

Why do you write?

Why do you write songs? What got you started writing in the first place? This is a critical question that artists of all disciplines need to be able to answer for themselves: Why do you create anything at all?

When you know your why, you begin to know yourself a lot better. Not just yourself as an artist or songwriter - yourself as a whole person.

Your why is your motivating factor. Did you start writing songs because you had something to say, and didn’t know how else to say it? Maybe you couldn’t tell somebody something, so instead you wrote about it.

Did your songwriting come as a natural progression from daily journaling, and now it’s the only way you know how to sort out your feelings on any subject matter?

Did you start writing because another artist on the radio inspired you and you wanted to be just like them? Do you write to entertain? To share? Do you write privately, just for yourself?


I want you to do the following exercise:

Pull our a sheet of paper and just start writing down your answer to the question, “Why do I write songs?” Spend 10 minutes thinking about your why and freewrite on it - write down anything that comes to mind.

After you’ve done that, I’ve got a song prompt for you:

Now that you’ve spent some time freewriting on why you write, take what you just wrote and turn it into a song.

Tell us your story! Why did you start writing? What was the first song you ever wrote? Who did you write it for? What is your songwriter’s origin story?

Craft that into a compelling musical introduction to you: the songwriter.


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