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Welcome to Day 1! Let's talk about the inner critic.

Your songwriting process is yours. So you have every right to enjoy it! For our first lesson, you're going to learn how to reclaim your songwriting process from the inner critic.

Watch the video below, and download today's Lesson Materials below the video player. 

Lesson Materials:

Songwriting Affirmation Cards

Daily affirmations to help you get in a good songwriting headspace.

Print them out and keep them in your writing space. Pick a card that resonates with you today and put it in front of you while you write.


What stops us from finishing a song?

We tend to hinge a lot on our songs. But you will write many, many, many more songs.

There are so many more songs inside you. Every song you’ve written before this one was clearly not your last song. You have more to write. And the more you write, the closer you get to finding your groove. Your voice. Your message. You dial it in. You discover new things. And as you live your life, you’ll find you have even more to say.

The more you write the better you get. And the more you write, the easier it gets.

Think of all the great songs that are still inside of you. The only way you’ll ever get to meet them is if you keep writing.

Letting go of the pressure.

I don't need to tell you that perfect doesn’t exist. We all know that, we’re adults. :) But “perfect” can warp. Perfect can mutate into

  • “I know this song isn't perfect, but I can do better.”
  • “I know this song wont be perfect, but i have to have a better concept than this one.”
  • “I know this song won’t be perfect, but I need to grow.”
  • “I know this wont be perfect, but what if I don’t like it?”
  • “What if I waste my time?”

Not every song will be perfect. And not every song will do what you need it/want it/hope it will do. But that’s ok. Because every song will still teach you.

Simply focus on doing your best.

Doing your best isn’t hustling, and it isn’t giving up.

It’s simply doing what you can, right now, with what you sincerely feel you can offer.

Only got an hour to write? Do your best within that hour.

Know you could spend more time learning your craft and reading books on songwriting and taking courses and learning from hit writers and your heros? You don’t have to do all that to write your second verse and finish that song.

The process is yours to enjoy.

You’re allowed to have fun.

In fact, you’re encouraged to!

The desire to write songs is a gift. The action of writing songs is a gift. And it comes with no strings attached. You don’t have to adapt a mindset of guilt for spending time making music, or worry for your your material will be received by others. This process is for YOU.

Every time you write a song, you’re totally allowed to enjoy it. This is YOUR process. Your art. Your creative act. You get to feel how you want to feel. Having fun? Enjoying the way your voice sounds, the resonance of your guitar, that particular order of notes? Are you spending some time meditating on a melody? Are you feeling a little misty eyed, or maybe even straight up sobbing while you write because this song is just hitting home?


Perfection is a lie. Do your best. Know you are abundantly creative. The process is here for you to enjoy.

Now go get today's prompt!