Live write-ins are coming! Here's how to sign up.

You're on the list!

Thanks for signing up to learn more about our Live Write-Ins. You'll be the first to know when we launch!

In the meantime, here are some details on how the write-ins will work:


Consider this your weekly songwriting session & hang time with your best friends.

Bi-Weekly Songwriting Events

Keep a songwriting schedule with these events! We will be streaming every other week. It's a great way to stay accountable and always have an excuse to write.

Connect with other SongFancy songwriters

You'll never have to solo write alone again. These events are a bit like an online meet-up: Each session we'll have a chat room for you to hang out and talk with friends in between strumming and thinking of that next line.

Songwriting Prompts

If you don't have an idea to write that week, no worries, I got you! Each session will come with an optional songwriting prompt. Feel free to use that to get the creative juices flowing!


So how does it work?

Once you sign up, I'll send you a link to the streaming room where these events will take place. Bookmark it!

Then, every other week, the room will go live at a specific date and time. (these dates are TBD - working on it)

When we're live, you'll see me (hi!) streaming my own writing session, and a live chat with other SongFancy writers who are also writing. You'll be able to "hang out" with us while you work on your own song!

I'll also provide an optional songwriting prompt for you to use if you need a place to start.

How often are the write-ins?

Twice a month. Date and time TBD.

How long are the write-ins?

Each Live Write-In will last for 1 hour.

Wait, am I co-writing a song with the entire group?

Nope. You'll be writing your own song independently, from wherever you are in the world. Along with a bunch of other writers who are all writing at the same time, in their parts of the world. :) You'll be able to chat with one another in the group chat.

Am I co-writing a song with you, Sarah?

Nope. We'll each be writing our own songs, independently, just at the same time. And you'll be able to see and hear a lot of my songwriting session. I can provide insight into my process and will be chatting with y'all in the group chat, as well. I may mute parts of my write from time to time.

How much is it to join?

Right now, I'm setting it at $7 a month, and we're going to try it for 3 months. If we need to change anything, we'll adjust!