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Word Set


What is a Word Set prompt?

What we call Word Sets is a collection of 10 interesting words that when put together, begin to build a story. The mood is there, the setting and characters? What's up to you - the writer.

The challenge with a Word Set prompt is to write a song using as many of the 10 words as possible - you're really stretching your creativity if you can use all 10! 

What is a Dare prompt?

Dare prompts are pretty explanatory: In a Dare prompt, I dare you to do something crazy! Dare prompts are designed to get you doing things you would never usually do with your songwriting. The challenge with these prompts is to follow through on the dare fully and with all your effort. Give it a try, I dare you!


I dare you to write a song about something you've never told anyone before.


"She wore black every day."

What is a Theme prompt?

Theme prompts are a sentence, phrase, or concept that you can used as a jumping off point for your song's story. These prompts get you asking questions: Who is she? What did she do? Why did it make her famous? Let your mind wander and write on it!

What is a Title prompt?

Title prompts are just that - titles that need a story. If you saw this title on the back of a CD or written on a page, what do you think the song would be about? What new and different places can you take this title?


"Shift into Shade"


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What is a Collage prompt?

Collage prompts are a collection of photos that feel like stills from a movie. What's this movie about? Is it a romantic comedy? A drama? Tragedy? Who is the protagonist? The villain? These cinematic prompts make for vivid stories. How you tell that story in your song is up to you.

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