How to Start a Song When You're Completely Uninspired

Stop struggling with inspiration, self-worth, and creative dry spells

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How to Start a Song When You're Completely Uninspired on SongFancy

Blank page holding you hostage?

You know that feeling when you're ready to write a song, so you sit down, grab your guitar, flip to a fresh page on your notebook and...



You stare at that blank page so long your head hurts?

Yeah, been there!

Let's talk about how to get over the blank page syndrome, so you can get back to writing and finishing songs!

How to Start a Song When You're Completely Uninspired on SongFancy

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • How to fill up your notebook with amazing song ideas
  • End the frustration of feeling creatively blocked
  • Remove the PRESSURE to write
  • Actually start a song when you mean to!
Sarah Spencer, Americana Singer/Songwriter based in Nashville TN, creator of SongFancy | SongFancy

Meet your instructor!

Sarah Spencer

Americana Singer/Songwriter
Creator of

Hi hun!

My name is Sarah, and I've been writing and performing music for as long as I can remember. I've lived in Nashville for going on 7 years now. Since moving here, I've released a solo acoustic EP, had songs recorded by other artists, and won a few awards. (You can find all the boring details here if you're interested)

I write just about every day - for myself and with other artists who are looking to find their unique songwriting voice.

I perform in Nashville and Florida - a  highlight definitely includes playing multiple sold out rounds at The Bluebird Cafe!

Back in 2014, I created SongFancy as an outlet for my musings on songwriting. Since then, it's grown into a fierce and honest community of beginning songwriters who are killing it with their music!

Now, I help new songwriters learn basic song craft and stay inspired on their creative journey.

I'm so looking forward to meeting you in the workshop!

Write on!

Sarah at SongFancy

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