4 Reasons Why You Need to Finish More Songs Than You Start


Sarah Spencer

Why you need to finish songs - all the way through! From beginning to end. | SongFancy.com

It can be really easy to start a new song that you’re excited about, then walk away once the thrill is gone. Especially if you feel that little glimmer of excitement taking hold, the one that tells you, “Go go go, write right now!” But when you hit that first snag – “What line should come next? Where do I take the second verse from here?” – the muse starts to get distracted like a goldfish and leaves you to your own devices. Suddenly, that brand new song becomes a lot less exciting and a lot more work.

So you get up and decide to give your brain a rest while you go do something else. You promise yourself you’ll come back to it another time when the mood strikes you.

And there it sits. Sad, neglected, and woefully incomplete. And honestly, you feel kinda bad about that.

Here are the top reasons why you should always aim to finish more songs than you start.

1. It adds songs to your catalog

You gotta have songs in order to be a songwriter, right? Taking a song all the way from idea to final product is the only way to fill your catalog. If you’re only starting songs and maybe getting up to the first verse or chorus before you call it quits, you’re not building your catalog. Finishing songs gets you, well, more songs!

2. It grows your skills as a songwriter

When you finish a song from beginning to end, you are learning about the entire process of writing a song. When you start lots of songs and never finish them, you’re not becoming a better songwriter. You’re getting good at starting songs, maybe writing killer first lines or breakout choruses. But you’re not learning how to write an entire song. It does you no favors as a songwriter to only practice writing the beginning of songs!

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3. You’ll feel the progress you make

It feels amazing to finish a new song! Especially one you’re really proud of. When you complete a new tune, you can absolutely give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for sticking in there, riding out the creative roller coaster ride, and coming out on the other side with an actual, fully realized song. Ah! Time for a beer!

4. You’ll always have songs to share and perform

If you have lots of finished songs to choose from, you’ll never run into “Man, what am I going to play at that show Friday night? I got nothing!” I personally hate it when I feel like the only songs I have to play out are old. Older songs are fine, but it’s so much more fulfilling to share the new ones with an audience. Finishing songs will give you a bigger set list.

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