Help! I'm not getting my 5 in 5 Song Challenge daily emails! What's happening?

Oh no! Emails not showing up?
Here's how to fix it!

Step 1: Check Folders.

Emails often wind up where we least expect them. Check the following places in your email to see if they got shuffled here instead of your inbox:

  • ALL users: Check Spam or Junk folders
  • GMAIL users: Check Promotions tab, Social tab

Step 2: Whitelist our email address.

If you find your emails are in any of the above folders, do the following:

  • ALL users: Add Hello@songfancy.com to your contacts list. This tells your email provider that you trust this email address and want these email to go into your inbox.
  • GMAIL users: Click the email and drag it from your Promotions tab or Social tab into your PRIMARY tab.

Step 3: Sign up below.

If steps 1 or 2 don't do the trick, then sign up using the form below:

A note - Daily reminder emails don't contain your prompts.

Your prompts will always be inside the Facebook group.

The daily emails are are just little reminders that the challenge is happening. :) So you're not missing out on the prompts if you do't see an email.

Happy writing! ❤️