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Also, one more thing:

Wanna keep up that fearless 5/5 energy and share your songwriter's voice?

You signed up for the 5 in 5 because you have BIG goals for your music:

You want to confidently share your best songs socials to introduce your art to friends and followers

You've dreamed of releasing an EP or singles of your most authentic songs like your fave artists do

You want to play shows with your originals and and feel super confident in your material

Or maybe you simply want to know you’re making informed, educated song craft decisions when re-writing

No supportive community to encourage you (once the challenge ends, THE 5/5 FAMILY WITHDRAWLS are hard!!)

A bunch of half-finished songs (they’ve got potential, but you just. Need. More. Time!)

The blessing/curse of no deadlines! ("Where do I even start on my own??")

Lack of professional guidance and feedback (someone to walk through your songs and lend an ear)

Growing your craft and becoming the skilled songwriting you want to be.

But without the 5 in 5? You find yourself running into the same hurdles.

You LOVE writing songs. And you've proven you can write beyond your limits.

So how can you make the most of all your great momentum after the 5/5 has ended?

One word:


I've got you, friend! Let's grow your songwriting skills, catalog, and confidence together.

Song Club! Share your songs.

Song Club is a community that helps songwriters to write more, level up your craft, make songwriter friends, and find more joy in a life of making music.

We help writers of all genres to find songwriting friends, stay consistent in their craft, grow their skills, and feel supported by an encouraging community of songwriters.

Support. Growth. Consistency.

Inside of Song Club, you'll have access to an exclusive community of songwriter friends, weekly writing events, pro song feedback, and an ever-growing library of resources.

Take a peek inside Song Club below:

Twice-weekly songwriting meetups. Your songwriting session, with friends on Zoom.

Professional feedback on your songs from me, Nashville songwriter Sarah Spencer.

A vibrant community of likeminded songwriters creating accountability, warmth, and support.

An always-growing library of resources and videos to help you grow in your craft.

No more writing in a vacuum. Your music is needed. Come be part of a supportive community that inspires you to share your songwriter's voice.

Song Club helps you move from loneliness and writer’s block to community and creation.

I work with songwriters every day. Here’s what some of my sweet song coaching students have to say about our feedback sessions:


"...She also gives really wonderful feedback on our songs, its really specific and actionable, and also really encouraging."

Julie Marie
Artist, Songwriter, Composer


"Sarah is so nurturing, and she really focuses on the individual’s experience and what they’re trying to say with their songwriting and gives helpful suggestions.

"I’d never had my work critiqued before and I was really scared if I’m being honest. [...] But Sarah’s just so good at giving the right feedback to help us grow and learn."

Producer, Artist, Songwriter

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 11.56.04 AM

"I've become so much more confident in my songwriting because of Sarah Spencer."

Artist, Songwriter

Ready to make songwriting a consistent, fulfilling part of your life?

Song Club is open! There are two plans to help you get the most out of your experience:

Song Club Community

$22 /month
  • Full Community Access
  • 2 Live Writing Sessions every week
  • Challenges & Events
  • Weekly song prompt
  • Workshop Library
  • Member Directory


What can I expect from Song Club membership?

Song Club is a songwriting community focused on your growth as a songwriter. There are two membership levels: Song Club Community access, and Song Club with Song Coaching.

Inside both memberships, you get:

  • Live songwriting sessions with Song Club member chat
  • Fresh songwriting prompts dropped each week
  • Community of friends and collaborators to write with
  • Monthly how to's and teachings on topics like creative health, lyric writing, and marketing
  • Events, workshops, and so much more

Inside of Song Club with Song Coaching, you get hands on song feedback help with reaching your goals. From me! Hi! I've been working with songwriters to help them find their creative voices for nearly 10 years now.

  • Feedback Fridays every week
  • Submit your song every Friday
  • Custom song feedback video on your song
  • A detailed Songwriting Goals form, so I can get to know you as a full artist beyond your songs

The world needs your voice. Song Club is a space dedicated to nurturing you and holding space for you to create your music.

How does Song Club help songwriters?

Song Club is here to support your growth as a songwriter, make the most out of your writing time, and help you keep on feeling the joy that comes from uninhibited self-expression through music. We want you to write your songs and love every moment of it!

Song Club helps nurture the songwriting facet of your life by providing a space for busy writers to connect with one another, share songs, learn new skills, and enjoy their craft.

We give you the structure and resources to help keep you joyfully spending time on your songs, especially when you feel lonely, lost, or not good enough.

No more writing in a vacuum!

What are Live Write-Ins?

Live Write-Ins are the heartbeat of Song Club. It's like a study group plus a songwriter meetup! Every Tuesday and Thursday for 1 hour, we meet on Zoom to work on our music.

Song Clubbers who participate at least once a week in our Live Write-Ins find that their catalog grows by leaps and bounds, they get more done, and they feel more purpose in writing together alongside the group.

It's major accountability and support!

Live Write-Ins provide:

  • Focused, consistent songwriting time for you twice a week
  • A Song Club member only chat, for getting to know your fellow Club members
  • The support and purpose-giving feeling of writing with a group!


Live Write-Ins take place on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday, from 12pm-1pm CENTRAL. You will need the latest version of Zoom to participate (you don't need to have the paid version! Free is great.)

Will this help my music career?


To make music your career, you need to be, well, making music! Song Club helps you keep those songs coming.

Here are specific ways Song Club compliments a career in music:

  • You need accountability and consistency
  • You're writing for a record/single releases
  • You are focused on growing your catalog
  • You know you need personal, hands on feedback
  • You want your songs to communicate your message to your listeners
  • You want to find co-writers
  • You want to be challenged
  • You want to become a better songwriter
  • You need more originals for your live shows
  • You want to find new ways to write
Will you show me how to get a hit song?

Short answer: No.

More in depth answer:

Song Club helps emerging songwriters and artists with the creative part of our lives: Writing music consistently, loving the process, and building meaningful creative relationships. All things required for anyone hoping for a hit.

You'll learn a ton about commercial songwriting, how to release music, etc. You'll learn by doing, and you'll learn from your fellow Song Club members.

Most of all, you'll grow confidence in your ability to write and fall back in love with your songwriting process.

I've had song feedback before. How is yours different?

2 ways:

1. I teach commercial songwriting techniques that help writers of all experience levels and genres.

Basically, I take the best of the best from 15+ years of writing commercial music and share it with you, so you can share your message the most effectively and find your fans through your music.

I'm not going to homogenize your sound or make you sound like a genre/artist you are not. 

2. I use a custom intake form to get to know you and your goals first.

It's literally *impossible* to give blanket feedback on a song when the coach knows NOTHING about the writer! Like, how could that be helpful? I'll ask you about yourself and your artistry and your goals so I can provide the most effective feedback for you.