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Wanna Level Up your 5 in 5?

Make this your #bestchallengeever

You signed up for the 5 in 5 because you have BIG goals for your music:

You want to confidently share your best songs socials to introduce your art to friends and followers

Or maybe you simply want to know you’re making informed, educated song craft decisions when re-writing

You want to play your favorite songs at shows and open mics and feel super confident in your material

Maybe release an EP or singles of your most authentic songs like your fave artists do

You looove to writing songs, but you often find yourself running into these hurdles:

A bunch of half-finished songs (they’ve got potential, but you just. Need. More. Time!)

Editing the ones you have is overwhelming (and making the time for it? How??)

Lack of professional guidance and feedback (someone to walk through your songs with you line by line)

No supportive community to encourage you (once the challenge ends, THE 5/5 FAMILY WITHDRAWLS are hard!!)

The blessing/curse of no deadlines! ("Where do I even start on my own??")

So how can you make the most of your 5/5 Song Challenge week?

I got you, fam! Here's the solution:


Level Up is a songwriting course that runs alongside the 5 in 5 Song Challenge, amplifying and advancing your song skills as you go!

The level up is rocket fuel to your boosters during the challenge, and the wind in your sails to help you finish your songs and edit them after.

Level Up is closing in:


You'll get: Access to an exclusive 5 day Level Up course, and pro song coaching from me on 2 of your songs.

Finishing resources to help you wrap your your songs fast

Guidance on polishing and editing your songs after the challenge

Pro feedback on 2 of your challenge songs from me, your song coach

Daily resources to lift you up during the challenge

Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 3.02.37 PM

Overcome that creeping inner critic by learning advanced song strategies and get customized song feedback.

This is the kind of material will help you long after the challenge has ended. Best of all, this will help you with any song you start.

Kind words

I work with songwriters every day. Here’s what some of my sweet song coaching students have to say about our feedback sessions:


"...She also gives really wonderful feedback on our songs, its really specific and actionable, and also really encouraging."

Julie Marie
Artist, Songwriter, Composer


"Sarah is so nurturing, and she really focuses on the individual’s experience and what they’re trying to say with their songwriting and gives helpful suggestions.

"I’d never had my work critiqued before and I was really scared if I’m being honest. [...] But Sarah’s just so good at giving the right feedback to help us grow and learn."

Producer, Artist, Songwriter

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 11.56.04 AM

"I've become so much more confident in my songwriting because of Sarah Spencer."

Artist, Songwriter

Ready to have your best 5 in 5 ever?

** Song Coaching is limited to 10 writers.**

There's still time to join us! And two packages:


Level Up Lite

  • No Limit
  • Daily craft/inspirational materials for each day of the challenge
  • Exclusive access to daily video lessons, downloadables, and more
  • Post-challenge access to all content for 14 days afterward


Do I have to be doing the 5 in 5 Song Challenge to enroll in The 5 in 5 Level Up?

Yup! Level Up is designed to enhance your 5 in 5 experience. It's packed with encouragement and tactics to help you during the challenge.

If you're not in the 5 in 5 Song Challenge yet, head over here and sign up! It's totally free and we'd love to see you. <3

Will this help me finish more songs?

YOU BET. Level Up will help you finish more challenge songs AND finish more songs outside of the challenge.

When you get feedback on your songs, you'll also be able to use that knowledge for future songs you write.

Will Level Up teach me more about songwriting?

Yes absolutely!

You'll learn advanced prompt writing techniques, how to make intentional decisions within your songs, how to care for your creativity, and more.

All of this will help you grow as a songwriter.

How long do I have access to Level Up?

You'll have access to all Level Up resources for 14 days after the last day of Level Up. Anything you download is yours to keep forever!

If you purchase Song Coaching, you'll have access to your song feedback forever. <3 

Can I submit a song for feedback that I wrote outside of the 5 in 5?

Sure! I'd love to hear what you've been working on.

Be sure to submit a song that is in progress. Final recordings and released material don't benefit from feedback, since they're already committed.

I've had song feedback before. How is yours different?

2 ways:

I teach commercial songwriting techniques that help writers of all experience levels and genres.

Basically, I take the best of the best from 15+ years of writing commercial music and share it with you, so you can share your message the most effectively and find your fans through your music.

I'm not going to homogenize your sound or make you sound like a genre/artist you are not. 

I use a custom intake form to get to know you and your goals first. It's literally *impossible* to give blanket feedback on a song when the coach knows NOTHING about the writer! Like, how could that be helpful? I'll ask you about yourself and your artistry and your goals so I can provide the most effective feedback for you.