What do you want to see from SongFancy?

This year, I want to bring even more value to this little songwriting blog. So tell me – what are the songwriting resources that you wish existed? What books do you wish were out there, what educational resources do you wish were available? What products and fun, inspirational songwriting items do you with the world had? Tell me! I want to make it happen.

I want to begin offering the products and services that you with existed in the world – to get you writing more, writing better, and loving living as an inspired songwriter.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve been thinking about. What do you think? Give the poll a vote and let me know if you’re into any of these ideas!

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Got other ideas?

Comment below and let me know! What products and services do you want to see from SongFancy?

  • Jeff Hanke

    I’ve been thinking this for the last few days since I voted and was wondering… if the songwriting critique gets selected will there be suggestions as to how to find your voice (ie… Country, blues, rock, etc) you seem to fit best in… Finding melodies in riff based songs etc… that’s quite a bit I realize, but, I’m just curious…

    • Sarah Spencer

      This is great! I’m thinking about polling the group to see exactly what you guys would want. :) Any other thoughts on what you’d like to receive feedback on? Would you like an opportunity to ask questions on your critique?

      • Jeff Hanke

        Absolutely! Feedback (and understanding a critique) is crucial. That’s how we grow as songwriters… To have fellow songwriters say your song/lyrics are great, but, without helping you grow… (what’s working, what’s not type of thing.) I seem to flounder yet… Finding good working melodies (now, I’m going to just start singing some melodies using Music Memos on my iPhone and finding the chords afterwards … that cool little app adds a chord line with bars to the melody you sing into it :) )… I’ve been back to writing seriously since last April so any help is appreciated… Help with arrangements would be cool; also, as well as knowing when to shelve a song vs completing a full demo… Are CD’s still relevant, or am I showing my age? :D Thanks for reading my book. Sarah, you’re a great resource and leader and I hope to learn quite a bit more as we go down the road of songwriting challenges and more. Thanks for all you do!

  • Matthew Sykes

    If you do more courses could they be paid for by instalments?

    • Sarah Spencer

      Absolutely! That’s super easy to do and I’m more than happy to provide that option :)