What are Your Biggest Songwriting Challenges?

What is your biggest songwriting challenge?

Hello friends!

I have a couple exciting points to touch on today! SongFancy is evolving and I’m so stoked to let you in on the goodness that’s right around the corner.

First awesome announcement:

SongFancy is getting a TON of brand new content! Free downloads, worksheets, checklists, and, oh, maybe even a freaking course. Yeah.

Yup. Badass, beautiful things to inspire you and help get you to your goals with your writing.

Speaking of goals!

In order to make all this goodness, I could just dive in and start building stuff. But that wouldn’t necessarily serve you in the best way possible. So, I’ve created a super tiny super cute 2 question survey that I’d so appreciate it if you filled out. So, if you would do me the solid, please check out this survey and let me know what your biggest challenges are when it comes to your songwriting.

take the songwriting challenges survey

Second crazy announcement:

SongFancy is getting a rebrand!

Yippee! New colors and textures and pizzaz coming soon. You’ll start seeing some of these new designs in emails and such, so be sure to sign up to peep the new new first!

Thank you for letting me into your inboxes. <3 I cannot wait to start helping you accomplish your songwriting goals and inspiring you to write your next great song.



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