The Songwriter’s Guide to Nashville – On

This post will be short, and twofold:

First part!

Recently, I’ve started writing for an incredible company called Soundfly. Soundfly provides online courses on songwriting, touring, and all kinds of music-making related topics. They run a killer blog called Flypaper, and I’m so thrilled to be able to contribute articles on songwriting and life in Nashville.

Second part!

I’ve written a post recently that they’ve just published today. It’s the kind of material I think you’ll find really interesting and helpful. So I wanted to write up a brief little post to point you in it’s direction.

If you’re considering making your first trip to Nashville, here are my personal recommendations on how you should spend your time getting ready, and in town.

Click here to read The Songwriter’s Guide to Nashville

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  • Natalie V.

    What a great guide! I’ve only been to Vanderbilt once when I was visiting law schools, but it was such a fun city. I need to head back!

    • Sarah Spencer

      Come on down anytime, Nashville loves ya! Thanks for checking out the article. :)