The 3 Reasons Why You Need a Pre-Writing Ritual Before you Sit Down to Write

Want a great writing experience each time you sit down? Start by establishing your very own songwriting pre-writing ritual. Songwriting tips! |

Do you have a coffee obsession like I do?

Just thinking about coffee makes me begin to relax. I can feel my mind starting get a little less tense, and a lot more, “It’s cool man, everything’s gonna be fine.” I can smell it roasting. Suddenly I’m transported to my favorite coffee shop, in my favorite comfy chair by the window, with my laptop and some work that I’m about to get the heck DONE.

Coffee has always had that effect on me. It makes me relax, while simultaneously energizing me in the best ways. I’m ready to write that song, to write that blog post, to do that thing, whatever it is. I honestly think coffee makes me a better person.

It just makes me so darn happy!

I love coffee. A lot. Perhaps too much. But it's a critical part of my pre-writing ritual! Songwriting tips inside: |

I know that when I make myself a perfect little cup of coffee in my favorite mug that I’m going to be able to do anything.

I always make myself coffee before I write.

And why wouldn’t I? Given what you just read, there’s no reason not to set myself up for a successful writing session if a little cup of coffee goes such a long way!

This is why you too need a ritual before you write.

1. A ritual eases your mind by de-stressing you.

Going through the motions acts as an immediate de-stressor. You’re simply doing a thing that you’ve done dozens if not hundreds of times – you don’t even have to think about it. You know exactly what to expect. No surprises. It’s meditative. The simple predictability of a pre-writing ritual helps to ease your mind of any anxieties that may be weighing on you.

2. It’s something to look forward to

Back to the coffee story – I always look forward to a nice warm, creamy cup of coffee. I literally get excited about it. I cannot wait to get that thing in my hands. If you create a ritual that includes things or actions that you enjoy, you look forward to doing them. And that puts you in a great state of mind to start writing a song.

3. It gives your writing time more weight

When you prepare yourself to write with a ritual, it’s akin to preparing yourself to sit down to do work. You’re more likely to get something done if you’ve put in the extra time prepping yourself for it. Were you an athlete? You had to prepare before games. This is just like that, only on a smaller, less public scale. Having your ritual every time before you write makes gives your writing time a lot more importance. You’re less likely to get distracted doing the actual writing, and you’re more likely to make sure it gets done.

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  • Dani |

    Totally agree! My ritual is to organize or clean. I can’t get anything done when my place is messy. (It’s always messy.) It must be an outward expression of decluttering my brain.

    • Sarah Spencer

      Most days I’m the same way! I have to straighten up my immediate, surrounding space or nothin’ get’s done!

  • Sabrina M Quairoli

    I am a big fan of writing and working out my “stuff” through writing. It has helped me tremendously. I prefer writing before I go to bed or first thing in the morning.

    • Sarah Spencer

      Love this. Writing is so therapeutic! Wine + guitar = cathartic!

  • Autumn Leopold

    This isn’t just great for song writing, it’s great for any kind of writing and Bible Study too! Thanks for the gentle reminders! I don’t do coffee but I love a strong black tea in the morning! :)

    • Sarah Spencer

      You’re right, having a ritual before you do Bible Study is a great idea! Really anytime you want to calm down and get into some focused work. Thanks for reading, hope it helps ya!

  • More In 24

    We may be soulmates. Thank you for posting this advice. I sit down to write at random times of the day, somedays writing is like pulling teeth. Your article has inspired me to find myself a ritual to do before each writing session. Thank you.