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How to Find Your Artistic Identity Through Your Singing and Songwriting Voices

Learning who you are as a songwriter, and who you are as a singer, will shape who you are as a full artist. Learn how to figure out your singing voice and write songs that enhance it! | SongFancy, songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary female songwriter

Kelly Hoppenjans is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, and artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Today, she tells us how your songwriting and your singing all work to affect your identity as an artist.  All singer/songwriters have two voices Who are you as an artist? What is your brand? What is your message? What is your artistic voice? How sick are you of questions like these? Being a performing singer/songwriter comes with so many questions about your artistic identity like the ones above, and they’re notoriously hard to answer – especially for young artists who may not even know who they are as people yet, as an artist. Part of what makes this so...