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How to Find 1 Hour a Day to Write

Don't let "lack of time" keep you from writing. Here's how to dig up 1 hour per day to write songs! | SongFancy, songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary female songwriter

“Not enough time” is one of the┬ámain reasons why songwriters get frustrated with their lack of output. It can be absolutely infuriating! Whether you feel like you’re spread too thin, have too many obligations, or just plain procrastinate (let’s be real… we all do it), sometimes it can feel like “lack of time” is keeping us from doing what we love – writing songs. So here’s a quick guide to finding 1 hour a day to devote to your songwriting. Disclaimer: This is meant to be a helpful rubric. I do understand that not everyone’s day or life will be exactly the same. Maybe some of the points outlined here...