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Why You Have a Hard Time Coming up with Good Song Ideas

If you think all your ideas are terrible, read this. If you haven't written a song in ages, read this. If you're struggling with getting back on the songwriting bangwagon, please, read this. | SongFancy, songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary songwriter.

Having a great idea to write about can be the difference between writing a song you love, or feeling like you’re wasting your time. When your ideas are less than inspired, it can be really hard to find to momentum to write. What’s the point in writing songs at all, if your ideas aren’t any good? So why is it so difficult to come up with great ideas that inspire us to grab our guitars, sit down, and strum it out? The reasons are many: here are a few that might be why you’re holding back. You feel like your own worst critic. You hear that awful voice in the...

3 Major Myths about Where Great Song Ideas Come From

All creatives get duped into believeing one thing: that we are hopelessly dependent on the whim of the muse. Here's what you can do to break the spell: | Songwriting tips at

Ok, so if you read my last post on the perpetuated untruth of magical inspiration, then you know this is something I’m passionate about. It makes me so sad to see other creatives sitting around, lost, waiting for a bolt of inspiration to propel them to create. Y’all, you have so much more creative potential to offer the world – you’re not doomed to a life of artistic frustration! You can absolutely live an inspired, creatively fulfilled life! And it starts with realizing that inspiration is not something you should be waiting around for. So in this post I really wanted to drive it home and talk specifically about great song ideas. Think...