How To Accessorize Basic Guitar Chords And Sound Like A Badass

Sick of the same old C, D, G and A? Mandy Rowden teaches you some quick tips on how to easily and quickly breathe new life into those old, worn out chords. Plus, the "key grip" thing? Life changing. | SongFancy, songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary female songwriter

Mandy Rowden (singer/songwriter and founder of Girl Guitar) guests on the blog today to show you how to spice up your guitar playing. She’s sharing some wonderful tips on how to make those old, worn out chords sound new and interesting again. Why you want to dress up your chords Your song is written, your heart is on the page, your voice is warmed up, and you’re ready to shake up some souls tonight on stage. You’ve truly expressed yourself in a way that’s sincere to you and will genuinely move your listeners. Like many songwriters your voice is your main instrument and you know you can deliver the goods, and you’re...

On Being Ready, and Never Really Feeling Ready


A couple weeks ago, I was invited by a friend to play in his writers round at the Bluebird Café. I was going to perform in a round with absolutely killer musicians, writers, and singers. And I was going to be bringing my dorky little pop songs. I practiced every day in the week before. We had a group rehearsal. Everybody was friendly and warm and inviting and we had a great time learning each other songs. Things were going well. The day swiftly approached. And I was so not ready. I’m talking panic attack not ready. I worked the day of the show and frequently needed to excuse myself to restroom to...