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5 Reasons Why Songwriters are Artists, Too

Songwriters are artists, too. How? Read on: |

When we think about the music industry, the term “artist” is typically reserved for the people who are singing on stages, selling albums, and recording music. Not necessarily songwriters. Songwriters are usually referred to as the crafters, the masons, the welders and carpenters that temper our songs in the fires of writing rooms up and down Music Row. Songwriters are known as the builders of what we hear. And while that is accurate and amazing, we song crafters forget a certain truth: Songwriters are artists, too. But not in a music industry sense. Not always. Songwriters are artists in the same way that the painter is an artist. That the poet, the...

Writing Songs that Speak: How to Write Songs that Reach People with Your Message

How to write songs that spealk: Drawing people into your world with clear, open songwriting. |

At SongFancy, the goal is twofold: 1. Get you jazzed and inspired to write songs. 2. And give you tools & techniques to write songs that truly speak. By “songs that speak,” I don’t mean songs with spoken word sections. Although, literally, those songs do speak! But when we talk about songs that speak, we mean songs that speak to the hearts of your listeners. Songs that communicate exactly what you need them to say. Songs that draw people in. Songs that allow your listeners to be moved and join in on the experience with you. Songwriters always have something to say. Maybe it’s  many somethings. As creative people, we all have that nagging...

Songwriting Tip: Quick Exercise for Uncovering Interesting, Fresh Hooks


Great hooks are soooooo hard to come by. Finding an awesome concept for a new song is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Sometimes they just come to you and omg, it’s the best! Other times, you’re in a cowrite and it’s silent and you’re both just spinning your wheels and then two hours goes by and you’re hangry and just can’t do this anymore. Save yourself some stress and do this little exercise the night before your next cowrite. Or even better, do it daily! You’ll fill up your hookbook with interesting ideas in no time. Songwriting Tip: Quick Exercise for Uncovering Interesting, Fresh Hooks   Tools:...