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Songwriters are brave af. Here's why. | Songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary songwriter, on

Why Songwriters are Some of the Bravest People

Songwriters are brave people. You are brave people. You’re writing the songs that have the potential to move mountains, to rock worlds, to heal – to help, guide, and offer hope. When you make your most honest, most authentic art, you are courageous in…

Songwriting Tips | how to write lyrics that are conversational. Draw your listeners in to your songs by speaking directly to them.

Songwriting Tip: How to Write Lyrics that are Conversational

There are many songwriting techniques you can use to write amazing and impactful lyrics. Here, we’re gonna take a close look at one specific way: Writing conversationally. Yeehaw! A conversational lyric is a great way to approach your next song – but it’s by…