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Is it normal If the words aren’t flowing? Absolutely. Here's what songwriters can do about it. Songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary songwriter |
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What to do When The Words Aren’t Flowing

“Is it normal If the words aren’t flowing?” A SongFancy writer asked me this question recently and I thought was worth addressing in a blog post. She wanted to know, “When you have an idea, and you know what you want to write the words aren’t exactly…

How to kick songwriter's block for good.

5 Super Practical Ways to Shake Off Songwriter’s Block

This weeks post comes from Jon Anderson. Jon is the founder of Two Story Melody, a fantastic songwriting blog that tells the stories and processes behind beautiful songs. He knows a thing or two about writing a great song, and how to find inspiration when you…

All songwriters need perspective. Professional songwriter Jess Cates shows us how to gain it. | SongFancy, songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary lady songwriter.

Zoom Out From Your Songs

Jess Cates is a professional songwriter with over 100 songs recorded and over 15 million records sold. He’s also had songs placed in films and television. Though he’s a songwriter by trade, Jess offers consulting services for other career-minded songwriters to help them level up. We’re so thrilled to…

Songwriters are brave af. Here's why. | Songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary songwriter, on

Why Songwriters are Some of the Bravest People

Songwriters are brave people. You are brave people. You’re writing the songs that have the potential to move mountains, to rock worlds, to heal – to help, guide, and offer hope. When you make your most honest, most authentic art, you are courageous in…