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4 Quick and Dirty Chord Progressions for Songwriters

Need some inspiring new chord progressions to add to your repertoire? Click here to try these on for size | SongFancy.com Songwriting tips & inspiration for the contemporary lady songwriter

Starting a new song, but┬álacking in inspiring chord progressions? Try these on for size! Let’s run through some quick and┬ádirty chord progressions you can use right this second to write a song. Alright? Alright! Let’s get playing! We’re going to look at these progressions as both numbers and actual chord names in the key of C. If you’re familiar with the Nashville Number System, then you can use these numbers to transpose these progressions into any key you please. Ol Faithful Arguably the most popular pop chord progression, or a variation thereof: Nashville Numbers: 1 5 6m 4 Key of C: C D Am F Movement A circular feeling chord...