3 Ways to Get Your Songs Recorded by Artists & Bands

Three simple ways to get your songs recorded by singers and bands. Read on |

One of the biggest struggles songwriters can have is finding artists to record their material. If your goal is to make an income from your songwriting, then you’ll need to get your music out there. And if you’re not a singer or performer yourself, it’s essential to find people who are, so they can record your material. Here are three surefire ways to start establishing relationships with artists and get your first cuts. These are all great strategies for writers who may not live in a music capitol such as Nashville, NY, or LA. But if course, they’ll work for you wherever you are! 1. Co-write with artists and bands Co-writing directly...

6 Damn Good Reasons Why Songwriters Need to Solo Write

Every songwriter still needs to solo write

Co-writing is an absolute blast! It’s basically like hanging out with your really good friends, then coming up with a song at the end that you never could have written on your own. Magical! There are so many benefits to solo writing that often get overlooked in our excitement to co-write. Solo writing is still extremely valuable for every songwriter, even lyrics only writers. Here’s why you should make make time to write alone:   1. You still need to be able to take a song from start to finish. When you cowrite all the time, it can be easy to rely on the skills of your cowriters to get you through...

How to Find Cowriters You Absolutely Love Working With

How to find the cowriters you were meant to write with. #songwriting #creativity #Nashville

If you’re new to cowriting, it can be one of the weirdest things you’ll ever do. When I first started writing songs, I kept them to myself. I snuck upstairs into my dad’s study to goof around with his guitars and write instrumentals on the keyboard. It was something private, completely personal. It almost felt like playing make believe when you’re a kid. It was fun and playful, and only for myself. These days writing music still feels playful, but when I solo-write, it’s something closer to therapy. If you’re like this, then you know the cowriting struggle is so real. You’re expected to somehow be in a room with countless...

7 Things to Say in your First Co-Write with a New Co-Writer


Writing with a new co-writer for the very first time can be SO. NERVE WRACKING. Finding great co-writers is basically dating. You ask a lot of people to write with you, and one by one you get in the writing room, try it out, see if it feels right, and go through a lot of awkward moments. It’s silent. There are bad lines. You face a lot of rejection. You dish out a lot of rejection. Eventually you find your group of writers that you click with. These are the people that you love, that you can call your close friends, that you can always sit down and write something great with....