Streaming Show! August Show Announced for SongFancy Author, Sarah Spencer



Hello friends!

I’m so happy to invite you all to a long overdue live streaming show!

The last one I had was all the way back in December. So as you can imagine, I have LOTS of new songs to share with you! So, here are the details!

A fun note! I have a Patreon page, and one of the rewards is Free admission to my streaming shows for my $5 Patrons! So if you pledge $5 and become a Patron of mine, you can skip out on the ticketing altogether.

For my Patrons: I’m still looking into ways to record this show! I may just be able to record a song or two on my phone. Trouble is, each streaming platform out there has a slightly different set of features, and no one single platform has quite the combo I’m looking for. Will keep you updated as I figure things out. :)

Share this post and I cannot wait to see you on Saturday! :D

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