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songwriting tips | how to find your voice as a songwriter
Songwriting exercise | keeping it conversational. An songwriting technique for how to write lyrics.
This blank lyric sheet template will help you organize all those brilliant words! |

“How to Find Your Voice as a Songwriter” Worksheet

Want to know why you write songs, and what your inner message is? Focus on finding your voice with this worksheet. Pointed questions to get you digging deep.

Songwriting Exercise: Keeping it Conversational

A handy exercise to check yourself when you’re writing conversational lyrics.

Easy Blank Lyric Sheet Template

This is how I format all of my lyrics. A handy pdf you can copy & paste into your favorite lyric writing program of choice. Looking for a Google Drive Doc? Click here!

I know you got a couple songs that need finishing touches. Here's 5 quick tips to help you finish that song right this instant. | SongFancy
Artist SongwriterMantras
Join the 5 in 5 Song Challenge and write 5 songs in 5 days with a group of SongFancy writers! Oh, did I mention you could win a feature on And that's all free? DO THIS. | Presented by

“5 Ways to Finish That Song Today”¬†List

You stuck on a song? Print this bad boy out, frame it, hang it on the wall, and un-stick yourself with one of these 5 proven methods. Hooray for finishing songs!

Inspiring Artist Songwriter Mantra Wallpapers

For phone and desktop. Remind yourself of these three truths when you’re writing. You are a songwriter, which means you’re an artist, too. Write on!

Join the 5 in 5 Song Challenge

A free songwriting challenge to help you gain confidence in your writing, get feedback, and win prizes! You’ll be writing 5 whole songs in 5 days from prompts. All inside a private Facebook group of lovely SongFancy writers. Sign up here!