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What’s SongFancy all about?

SongFancy is a blog full of contemporary songwriting tips, techniques, and inspiration. It’s the kind of place you stop at to get a quick jolt of encouragement or new ways to challenge yourself as a songwriter. Topics include song craft for beginners, ways to stay creatively fulfilled, fighting writer’s block, organization and time management as a hobbiest-to-pre-professional songwriter, and the best songwriting tools and resources from around the web. We also do a quarterly songwriting group challenge, called the 5 in 5 song Challenge, where writers are encouraged to write 5 songs in 5 days from song prompts.

SongFancy also has a book of song prompts and an online course on living a more inspired life.

Who are SongFancy readers?

SongFancy readers are typically beginning to intermediate songwriters. They either come to the blog to get some basic insight on song craft, format, expectations, etc. to help them turn their ideas into songs. Or, they’re been writing as hobbyists or semi-professionals for many years, and need inspiration and new ways to ignite their creativity.

SongFancy is not a music industry blog (so we don’t post about the music business or getting pub deals, cuts, etc.), though a lot of our readers to have career aspirations.

SongFancy readers are both performing singer/songwriters as well as composers/bedroom writers. They pay attention to contemporary music (so if you need to cite a song, please use contemporary artists as often as possible) and are inspired by the legendary songwriter/artists of eras past.

They’re mostly female, ages 18-34, with a lot of them living in Nashville and NYC, though Fanciers are scattered all over the world!


Contemporary. Slang terms are tots cool, babe. Curse words and contractions rock!
Empathetic. People write for many different emotional reasons, and SongFancy is sensitive to that.
Casual. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. A little humor goes a long way.
Encouraging. We lift up our readers and encourage them to take risks with their songs.

Article length:

500-1200 words.

Do I need to include photos or videos?

You don’t need to include photos, but if you’d like to, feel free! Be sure you’re using creative commons images or your own original photography. I’m happy to include a credit for you and a link back to your website! SongFancy will create the featured image and social images.

Feel free to use videos where needed or make your own like Mandy did. Not necessary, but Google tends to give video content more attention if you’re looking for an SEO bump. It’s also great original content you can share on your own channels!

Most popular posts:

What do our readers most want to know or struggle with?

“Finishing songs.”
“Finding the time to write.”
“Finding ideas to write about.”
“Becoming better at the craft I love so much!”

Suggested topics:

  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Different goal setting strategies
  • Beating stage fright
  • Strategies for writing compelling lyrics
  • Basic home recording techniques
  • Self care for creatives
  • Time management for songwriters
  • How to finish songs that are sitting
  • Finding cowriters and collaborators
  • Lists of tools, apps, websites, and other resources
  • Fun new songwriting exercises
  • Interviews with songwriters about songwriting


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