Introducing: A Continually Updated Listing of Songwriting Opportunities, Contests, and Pitches on Frettie

[Full Disclosure: The links in this post are indeed affiliate links!]

So it’s obvious that I love Frettie. The concept itself and the team that runs it are just wonderful and I love them all to death.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, is an online community of songwriters where you can upload worktapes, and get real feedback from real writers. They offer pro-writer critiques too, as well as webinars and a whole host of super awesome future-features they’re rolling out soon.

Can’t tell you what they are just yet – I’m sworn to secrecy! – but trust me, it’s all awesome stuff that you’re going to love.

So just when I though Frettie couldn’t get more awesome – IT DID.

Yesterday, I got a DM on Twitter from the Frettie team alerting me to a new section of their website – the Opportunities page.

Frettie opportunities page for songwriters - songwriting contests, songwriting tips, and more

Frettie Opportunities include songwriting contests, submission openings for music libraries, conferences, retreats, gig opportunities, and much more.

It’s a continually updated list. Meaning, you can go here to get your info, as opposed to checking multiple sites all the time.

Oh yeah, and that “Free recording time at FullSail” listing? Real. Real, real, real, baby! My Florida writers, get on it!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Oh, and if you’re already a Frettie member, link your profile below and I’ll follow you. :)


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  • Frettie


    Super excited to see you do a write up on this new feature! It was really cool to build out. As we built it, we were in deed thinking about how much time this is going to save our members :). Glad you recognized it! We’ve done a ton of updates recently and as you said, many in the works, but boy o boy, this one I’m pretty stoked about!

    If anyone knows of any opportunities that they’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to drop them here or shoot them to us in an email.

    • Sarah Spencer

      Y’all continue to be total rockstars in the songwriter-resource world. I love telling people about what you do. :) Thank you for putting out all these great tools for writers!

      • Frettie

        We appreciate you sharing the word and truly love what we’re building! Excited to share more with the community soon!