It’s here! It’s Here! Welcome to the All New!


If you haven’t noticed, SongFancy has undergone a major facelift. And it was about damn time.

SongFancy is supposed to be open, clean and inspiring! And lets be real, the old theme just wasn’t doing that.

The old version of this blog was bright, for sure, but it was kind of a mess. I just wanted to get this operation up and running quickly so I could start writing and delivering everything that had been circulating in my head for months.

So, Old SongFancy was a bit thrown together while I was learning more about child theming in WordPress.

NEW Songfancy is an elegant new child theme of Solo Pine’s Rosemary theme. Honestly, not much has changed from the parent theme. It was so beautiful the way it was, there wasn’t much I had to do!

The site has been totally reorganized, too!

Here’s a small list of all the awesome NEW features and finishes on SongFancy! <3

  • New Theme!
    Everything is clean and open now. Hooray, no clutter!
  • Sidebar with LESS ADS.
    I have to keep some ads on the site, but they’re significantly thinned down. They were just awkward.
  • Better images!
    I’ve revamped and resized some of the most recent posts’ images. They are gorjjj.
  • A brand new shiny logo!
    This one is much more well made, and better reflects the SongFancy brand. Original!
  • More organized navigation!
    All the content is now accessible by categorical navigation up top! Much easier to get to the types of posts you’re looking for.
  • New About page!
    This time, it includes some nicely written info on what the heck this whole SongFancy thing is. And a little more about me. :)

I can’t WAIT to share with you some of the great stuff I’ve got planned!

Stay tuned and happy writing! <3


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  • Kara Benz

    Sarah! The new site looks amazing, girl! I love the new navigation and your logo is gorgeous! Congrats! :)

    • Sarah Spencer

      Thank you SO much, lady!! <3