Inspiring Writer’s Rooms We Want in our Own Homes


My writing room is my sanctuary. Unfortunately, right now it’s also the laundry room, the studio, my fiance’s office, my office, and a guest room when needed. So it goes when you choose to live in a tiny house.

If you’ve got cabin fever, here are some cozy writer’s rooms and music studios that are bound to inspire.

This tiny living room with tiny vaulted ceilings and just enough room for your favorite cowriters.

Talk about adorbs.

When you spend all your money on guitars and don’t have anything left for much else.

Except two chairs and an amp. See, it all works out!

What about Jack Johnson’s crowded little corner of inspiration.

How much you wanna bet there’s a beach outside? #jealous

Black and white on white and black.

Can I just have that rug? Please?

All the old instruments and antiques!

Ok, so technically this is an antique store, but we could totally jam out there after hours.

Surrounded by all your little memorabilia and personal things.

Nook, yeah.

Mountain views, anyone?

Who wouldn’t want to look out over all that majestic grandeur every day?

Simple and oh so Parisian.


< ahref=””>Mokkasin

Oh, la, la. Yes, please.

Tall (ceilings), dark, and handsome.

And a cow print rug!

So organized yet so eclectic.

Orange and blue everything.

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