How to Write Lyrics that Really Make a Difference

So you’ve been writing songs for a little while now. You’re familiar with structure, rhyme scheme, melody and putting together a good chord progression. Now it’s time to up your game and write some next level lyrics.

Here are some songwriting tips that demonstrate how to write lyrics that are not only amazing, but will move your listener to their core:


Write Lyrics that tell the Truth

If you really want to know the secret sauce of how to write lyrics that truly amaze – write the truth. Simple as that. Write about an experience that happened to you, to a friend. Write about something real. A listener can tell right off the bat if a song isn’t authentic. That doesn’t mean you can’t write story songs about things that have never happened to you. Just try to tap into an experience or emotion that you’ve felt before. When you write from an honest, truthful place, it translates into your lyrics.

Write the Same Old Story from a Brand New Perspective

Everything in the world has been written already. It’s our job as songwriters to say what’s already been said, but in a new and fresh way. So don’t spend countless hours trying to come up with something completely new. Trust me, someone’s already written it, and chances are, they’ve written it better. Instead, focus on writing what inspires you, even if it’s something as simple as love or a first date. Then, spend your time thinking out how to write lyrics that tell that same story in a different way.

Don’t be Afraid to Use Weird Words

It’s so easy for songwriters to get caught in the trap of using the same words over and over again in their songs. Listen to some country radio – there’s a lot of “baby”’s, “trucks”, and “tailgate”’s out there these days! Challenge yourself by throwing a non-conventional word into your lyric. Better yet, place it where you need to rhyme with it. This will stretch your abilities as a writer, and delight your listener when you pull it off with style and flair.

Got a Problem? Write it out.

Sometimes the best songs come from tragedy. Songwriting can be theraputic. If you’re going through hard times, or are struggling with an issue you just can’t solve, meditate on it with your instrument. Try and work it out through song. This method will truly show you how to write lyrics that not only surprise you, but help you through whatever it is you need to work out.


If you’ve written something you love but you aren’t sure if it will resonate with others, get some feedback. Share it with friends, family, mentors, on stage, etc. Then ask your listeners if they thing the song is impactful. You can also use resources like to share your song with a large community of other songwriters to get their feedback.


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  • Kayla Miller

    This is awesome! I love writing but have never really considered writing song lyrics. I love that you’re writing about this topic! I think a lot of my high school students could benefit from this.

    • Sarah Spencer

      Thanks for reading! I hope it sparks that creative light inside of you and makes you want to write right away! <3 A lot of this blog is songwriting focused, but most of these topics cross over into creative writing in general. I do hope you share this with your students and I hope they love it! <3

  • Asheli Cox

    Great ideas. I particularly like the new perspective idea, something I have trouble doing in normal everyday writing!

    • Sarah Spencer

      That’s the #1 thing that always takes my ideas from “ok” to “wow, this is actually something, now!”. Thanks for reading, hope it inspired you!

  • Anali Martinez

    Great tips! I used to write a lot of poems and song lyrics growing up and I wish I had some feedback from people other than my friends at the time. I always think about starting to write song lyrics again. Thanks for the post!

    • Sarah

      I so hope you take a stab at it again! Feel free to message me anytime you need a boost of motivation! <3 Thanks for reading!

    • Sarah Spencer

      YOU SO SHOULD! If you start writing again, will you please let me know? – I’m happy to be your personal creative cheerleader! <3