How to Win During the 5 in 5 Song Contest

You may be familiar with the 5 in 5 Songwriting Challenge that we host quarterly here at SongFancy. But you may not know that the challenge also has a contest that runs along side it! The 5 in 5 Songwriting Contest aims to award 5/5 participants for their hard work during challenge week.

The contest is totally optional, but it’s a lovely motivator to keep you writing all week long. Here’s how the contest portion of the 5/5 works:

What are the prizes?

We’ll have 5 Daily winners

The best song from each daily prompt will win a digital copy of “The Beautiful Book of Songwriting Prompts”

We’ll have 1 Grand Prize Winner

For the the best song out of the whole session, one gran prize winner will receive a digital copy of “The Beautiful Book of Songwriting Prompts” as well as a feature interview on! it’s a chance to brag on you and link off to your music, share your winning song, and get you a quality article to show you off. Check out this interview with past winner, Carly Escoto.

How do I enter?

If you do choose to enter the competition, you can do so during any day of the challenge. Follow these critital steps:

  1. When your song is finished, come back to the Facebook group
  2. Find the post with that day’s prompt
  3. Leave a comment on the prompt with a link to your song

Repeat: Comment on the DAILY PROMPT with a LINK to your song! It’s the only way I won’t miss your submission. No messages, emails, or posts into the group feed will be counted as submissions.

Here’s what the Daily Prompt posts look like:

Screen Recording 2018-01-21 at 12.59 PM

Do I have to enter?

Nope. You can certainly just enjoy pushing yourself as a writer by participating in the challenge without entering the contest!

Can I enter multiple times?

You betchya! Feel free to throw all your songs in, or just your favorites.

How do you pick the winners?

I’ll pick winners based on quality of the song, and how well you utilized the prompt. Recording quality is not a factor. Though the clearer of a recording you can submit, the better I’ll be able to hear the song. :) Please include your lyrics in any recordings or videos you submit!

When will you announce the winners?

I’ll announce winners in the days following the challenge. I want to carefully consider all submissions, so it may take me a few days to a week to do so.

If I miss the announcement, how will I know I’ve won?

I’ll post the winners inside the Facebook group, and reach out to each of you individually. Be sure you’ve signed up with your email address here:

What if I’ve co-written a song and it wins? Will my co-writer win, too?

Yup! You and your cowriter will both win prizes. You’ll each get a copy of the book, and/or each be featured in the interview.