How Songwriting Prompts Make you a Better Songwriter

Prompts force you to think outside of your box

Song writing prompts are built by people who are not yourself. Sounds obvious, but when you start a song from a place that is external to you, you’re forced to try new things. You will come up with some cool new ideas you never thought of before.

Song prompts move you away from your regular songwriting habits

When you’ve been writing for a while, you’ll find yourself using some of the same old words or techniques over and over again. You’ll have a collection of go-to metaphors, phrases you use when it’s convenient, etc. Some stuff just shows up over and over again because you know it well. When you write from a songwriting prompt, it encourages new ways of thinking and gets you out of old habits and overused material.

They help put some separation between you and your songs

When you write to a prompt, especially a prompt that feels challenging or maybe a tad impossible, you start to develop a healthy detachment from your songs. You may begin to feel less like you are writing something from a personal place, and more like you are crafting something new to stretch your skills. This is a good thing! Holding your songs too sacred can keep you from writing them at all.

And if you want to become a better, more prolific songwriter, then you always want to strive to write as often as you can and finish as many songs as you can in order to be the best songwriter that you can.

Song prompts help you write quicker

If you write to song writing prompts frequently, you’ll find that you’ll start writing songs a lot quicker. There are two reasons for this: One, some of the pre-writing thinking has already been done for you. You will spend less time coming up with a concept or an idea because it is already hinted at in your prompt. And two, you’ll write more and more songs because of it, making you faster all the time.

They help you be a better co-writer

When you write from a prompt, it similar to writing with a cowriter. That’s because you’re starting with an idea that wasn’t exactly yours, and you’re molding as you go along. That’s a lot like co-writing!

Where to find songwriting prompts

SongFancy has two awesome resources for song prompts. Check these out:

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