Hey. Hey, you.

A note to encourage you:

Say yes to new opportunities. New friendships. New lyrics and movements.

Say no to naysayers. Say no to that angry little voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough.

Put that pen to paper. Let it wander. It doesn’t have to be words at first. They’ll come. Let it drag and swirl and follow some invisible current from your subconscious. Let it dip and loop and dive and weave into letters, words, thoughts, nonsense. Let it build into poetry.

Pick up your guitar, your fiddle, your mandolin, your bass. Feel the wind of the strings underneath your fingertips. Pluck. Pick. Strum. Legato, stacatto.

Sit at the bench and close your eyes. Pick a key at random. Let it ring.

Hum. Up and down a scale. Any note in any order. Open your mouth and let it out. Syllables. Words. Diphthongs and dialects. All is right, nothing is wrong.

You are endowed with an incredible gift that is meant to be used.

Open up yourself. Write. Sing. Play. Use it. Share it. Make. Then make more.

You are beautiful.

Happy writing.

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  • Gabriela Farkasová

    Just needed this. Thanks!

    • Sarah Spencer

      I’m so happy to hear that. :) Best of luck with all your creative endeavors – keep going!! <3

  • Lori Hil

    “Say yes to new opportunities. New friendships. New lyrics and movements.” Yes!

    • Sarah Spencer

      Yeah, girl! <3