All You Need to Know About Record Label A&R

As a songwriter, you'll want to get really familiar with how A&R works at different sized record labels. Jamie Johnson of Smart Band Management leads you through how this department functions. Click to read. | SongFancy.com

Why Songwriters need to know this stuff Songwriters need to know how record labels work, especially the A&R department. Why? Because these are the people who will be screening your songs. Should your song land in the hands of an A&R rep, they will be a direct gateway to getting your song cut by one of their artists, or passing on the song altogether. Learning how A&R does their job will help you make smarter decisions on what to pitch, who to pitch to, and what to write.   The following article was originally written and published by Jamie Johnson on her website, Smart Band Marketing, with slight editing. Thanks, Jamie, for letting...

On Being Ready, and Never Really Feeling Ready


A couple weeks ago, I was invited by a friend to play in his writers round at the Bluebird Café. I was going to perform in a round with absolutely killer musicians, writers, and singers. And I was going to be bringing my dorky little pop songs. I practiced every day in the week before. We had a group rehearsal. Everybody was friendly and warm and inviting and we had a great time learning each other songs. Things were going well. The day swiftly approached. And I was so not ready. I’m talking panic attack not ready. I worked the day of the show and frequently needed to excuse myself to restroom to...

How You Know You’re on the Right Track


You’re tired all the time. There aren’t enough hours in the day. You’ll always feel guilty, like you should be doing something “productive” with every free second you have. You’re playing out every night you have the energy to. You’re writing all the time. You hate your songs. Except when you love your songs. You have no money for frivolous things like clothes and food. But you have a savings account for demos. Tip money becomes gas money. You struggle between playing for free and having to play for money. You struggle with money in general. You know what you’re worth but your doubt it every day. You meet with you...

The Importance of Writing Really Terrible Songs


Believe it or not, it’s completely ok to suck. No really. It’s the honest truth. I promise I’m not trying to sell you anything. As creatives, we have to make. And because we’re human, not everything we make is going to be awesome. We are not perfect. We are fallible. We are incredibly flawed. We are not godly – not everything that comes from our hands or our minds is going to be perfectly perfect. We can’t even fathom perfect. It’s a word in our vocabulary but we don’t really understand what it means for something to be perfect because we aren’t even capable of comprehending perfect. And that is perfectly ok. See, as creatives,...