The Best Books on Songwriting, the Music Business, and Creativity

Here are the best books on songwriting, the music industry, and creativity. Click for links! |

Looking  for some reading on songwriting? Or maybe you’re searching for the perfect stocking stuffer for that songwriter in your life? Here’s a collection of books I highly recommend. They’re either books I’ve read cover to cover, keep as a reference, or are considered staples in any songwriter’s library. Books are listed in three categories – Books on Songwriting, Books on the Music Business, and Books on Creativity. A quick disclaimer, yes, these are mostly affiliate links. Using affiliate linking is a nice, un-obtrusive way for this blog to bring in some income, as opposed to utilizing Google ads or other distracting elements. I want to give y’all the best reading...

How to Record Better Worktapes When You’re Not an Amazing Guitar Player

Feel like your worktapes are lacking some pizzazz because you're not a virtuoso guitarist? Here are some quick & easy ways to add sonic interest to your worktapes! |

Let’s face it, we’re not all Lindsay Ell. Sometimes our worktapes sound just marginally better than a five year old hammering away at chopsticks. Or, if you’re like me, they sound like someone beating the strings of a poor, pitiful guitar with  6 hotdogs and 1 steak knife. That “steak knife” quality is usually due to one fingernail that hasn’t managed to break yet from the shear, brute force of my  manic strumming. Nope, I ain’t a great player. But a worktape isn’t about great playing. It’s simply about getting the idea across. All your worktape needs to do is showcase the song – the lyrics should be clear, the melody...