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We all play it. We know it's bad. But here are some even more devious ways the comparison game rips up your life and your songwriting. |

Why The Comparison Game Sucks in Ways we Don’t Even Realize

October 2, 2017

Be aware of The Comparison Game. I know for a fact that whenever you’ve written a song that you’re not particularly excited about, you start to talk yourself down. You start to say, “I am just not a good writer. This piece proves it. Why do I even bother. There…

If you think all your ideas are terrible, read this. If you haven't written a song in ages, read this. If you're struggling with getting back on the songwriting bangwagon, please, read this. | SongFancy, songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary songwriter.

Why You Have a Hard Time Coming up with Good Song Ideas

May 17, 2017

Having a great idea to write about can be the difference between writing a song you love, or feeling like you’re wasting your time. When your ideas are less than inspired, it can be really hard to find to momentum to write. What’s the point in writing songs at all,…

Why you need to finish songs - all the way through! From beginning to end. |

4 Reasons Why You Need to Finish More Songs Than You Start

May 2, 2017

It can be really easy to start a new song that you’re excited about, then walk away once the thrill is gone. Especially if you feel that little glimmer of excitement taking hold, the one that tells you, “Go go go, write right now!” But when you hit that first…

Get inspired with my favorite songwriter TED talks for songwriters! |

5 TED Talks for Songwriters

April 25, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you constantly have TED talks and podcasts and YouTube lectures running in your earbuds while you’re doing anything. Sometimes, I can’t get any work done unless I have some background noise that isn’t music, and isn’t garbage television – something with substance! I need to…

Three lies and the truth about you and your songwriting. | SongFancy

3 Lies You Tell Yourself About Your Songwriting and the Actual Truth

April 21, 2017

1. The Lie: You think you have nothing to say. You’re telling yourself that your perspective on anything isn’t interesting enough to even be said. You feel like maybe your life is too “good” or “normal” or “average” for you to ever have anything worthwhile to write about. It’s all…

Songwriters are artists, too. How? Read on: |

5 Reasons Why Songwriters are Artists, Too

April 10, 2017

When we think about the music industry, the term “artist” is typically reserved for the people who are singing on stages, selling albums, and recording music. Not necessarily songwriters. Songwriters are usually referred to as the crafters, the masons, the welders and carpenters that temper our songs in the fires of…

Well written love songs by incredible contemporary songwriters. Get your love on. |

I know you love love songs.

February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine’s day, love! WIth v-day right around the corner, I wanted to made some lovely little playlists for you. They’re full of incredibly well written songs by some of my favorite songwriters, like Lori Mckenna, Matraca Berg, and Sarah Buxton. Whether you’re happily hitched, severely single, or “it’s complicated,”…

We've got big dreams. Let's get them down on paper and start making them happen. Read on. |

Goal Setting for Songwriters

January 31, 2017

Songwriters have dreams. Songwriters dream about writing songs and building up a collection of work they’re proud of. We dream of garnering some sort of recognition for our craft. Even some of us dream of taking our songs to the stage, to the airwaves, across the country or the world. Songwriters…

Save up those Christmas songs, they could become classics. Here's why: |

Feeling Festive? When to Write that Christmas Song or Holiday Song

December 21, 2016

It seems that every year, when the nights get longer and colder, when our living room is festooned with presents, ornaments, and glistening lights, I really really want to sit down and write Christmas songs. Another thing that compels me to write Christmas songs is that I feel like it’s…

Required reading for songwriters! The best songwriting books, books on creativity, and the music industry. |

The Best Books on Songwriting, the Music Business, and Creativity

November 30, 2016

Looking  for some reading on songwriting? Or maybe you’re searching for the perfect stocking stuffer for that songwriter in your life? Here’s a collection of books I highly recommend. They’re either books I’ve read cover to cover, keep as a reference, or are considered staples in any songwriter’s library. Books…

Get inspiration delivered straight to your inbox - from SongFancy!

Never miss the latest songwriting tips from your favorite songwriting blog. Sign up below and we'll email you the weekly blog post!