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Laugh, cry, and get inspired with these great podcasts for songwriters | Songwriting tips on

7 Inspiring Podcasts for Songwriters

The DIY Musician Podcast from CD Baby Probably my favorite podcast like, ever. It’s a shame it only comes out pretty randomly every month or so. But each episode is well worth a listen. Host Kevin Breuner is so casual and calming, which makes this podcast super…


How to Get Critical Feedback on Your New Songs

Feedback. We know we need it. Although it’s easy to have mixed feelings: Our songs are precious little nuggets that we’re so proud of. Releasing them into the world and asking for criticism seems masochistic and unnecessary. But feedback is critical for 2 reasons: It makes you…

The ultimate list of hte best christmas gifts for songwriters and musicians | songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary songwriter |
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The Ultimate Songwriter Christmas Gift List

Songwriters are notoriously hard to shop for. Unless you’re one of us, shopping for a musician/writer/player is awkward. What the heck do songwriters need? She’s already got a guitar. What now? Here’s a handy list you can send to your loved ones with a…