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9 Tips for Beginning Songwriters - SongFancy, songwriting tips & inspiration for the contemporary lady songwriiter
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9 Tips for Beginning Songwriters

This post comes courtesy of Mella from MellaMusic and BrainStamp. Mella is a professional session singer and musician – she helps musicians complete their creative ideas by providing her voice to their song or project. She has a lot of great articles on voice and songwriting…

Is it normal If the words aren’t flowing? Absolutely. Here's what songwriters can do about it. Songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary songwriter |
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What to do When The Words Aren’t Flowing

“Is it normal If the words aren’t flowing?” A SongFancy writer asked me this question recently and I thought was worth addressing in a blog post. She wanted to know, “When you have an idea, and you know what you want to write the words aren’t exactly…

5 tips for songwriters who can't quit their day jobs | on SongFancy, the contemporary songwriting blog
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5 Tips for Songwriters Who Can’t Quit Their Day Jobs

Golda is an Americana singer/songwriter/bassist from Astoria, NYC. She’s graciously written this post specifically for SongFancy songwriters who are struggling to stay creative while working a day job. Her advice is the absolute best. Thanks for the post, Golda! To check out her music, social media…

What is a Hook Book and How to Start One | Songwriting tips and techniques for the contemporary songwriter. |
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What is a Hook Book and How to Start One

What the heck is a hook book? A hook book, or hookbook, is a collection of “hooks” or titles that you have collected all in one easy to reference place. Sometimes, writers add notes and half-written lyrical thoughts beside their hooks to help flesh out…

Don't let "lack of time" keep you from writing. Here's how to dig up 1 hour per day to write songs! | SongFancy, songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary female songwriter
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How to Find 1 Hour a Day to Write Your Songs

“Not enough time” is one of the main reasons why songwriters get frustrated with their lack of output. It can be absolutely infuriating! Whether you feel like you’re spread too thin, have too many obligations, or just plain procrastinate (let’s be real… we all do…

We've got big dreams. Let's get them down on paper and start making them happen. Read on. |
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Goal Setting for Songwriters

Songwriters have dreams. Songwriters dream about writing songs and building up a collection of work they’re proud of. We dream of garnering some sort of recognition for our craft. Even some of us dream of taking our songs to the stage, to the airwaves, across…