How to Find 1 Hour a Day to Write

Don't let "lack of time" keep you from writing. Here's how to dig up 1 hour per day to write songs! | SongFancy, songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary female songwriter

“Not enough time” is one of theĀ main reasons why songwriters get frustrated with their lack of output. It can be absolutely infuriating! Whether you feel like you’re spread too thin, have too many obligations, or just plain procrastinate (let’s be real… we all do it), sometimes it can feel like “lack of time” is keeping us from doing what we love – writing songs. So here’s a quick guide to finding 1 hour a day to devote to your songwriting. Disclaimer: This is meant to be a helpful rubric. I do understand that not everyone’s day or life will be exactly the same. Maybe some of the points outlined here...

4 Reasons Why You Need to Finish More Songs Than You Start

Why you need to finish songs - all the way through! From beginning to end. | SongFancy.com

It can be really easy to start a new song that you’re excited about, then walk away once the thrill is gone. Especially if you feel that little glimmer of excitement taking hold, the one that tells you, “Go go go, write right now!” But when you hit that first snag – “What line should come next? Where do I take the second verse from here?” – the muse starts to get distracted like a goldfish and leaves you to your own devices. Suddenly, that brand new song becomes a lot less exciting and a lot more work. So you get up and decide to give your brain a rest...

Goal Setting for Songwriters

We've got big dreams. Let's get them down on paper and start making them happen. Read on. | SongFancy.com

Songwriters have dreams. Songwriters dream about writing songs andĀ building up a collection of work they’re proud of. We dream of garnering some sort of recognition for our craft. Even some of us dream of taking our songs to the stage, to the airwaves, across the country or the world. Songwriters have dreams and the Songwriters have dreams, but dreams should always come with plans. A dream without a plan is just a fantasy. Dreams are beautiful, inspiring things. They provoke us, they wake us up, they give us the fire to get up and chase them. But a dream can just as easily slip through your fingers if you don’t...