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Sick of the same old C, D, G and A? Mandy Rowden teaches you some quick tips on how to easily and quickly breathe new life into those old, worn out chords. Plus, the "key grip" thing? Life changing. | SongFancy, songwriting tips and inspiration for the contemporary female songwriter

How To Accessorize Basic Guitar Chords And Sound Like A Badass

May 22, 2017

Mandy Rowden (singer/songwriter and founder of Girl Guitar) guests on the blog today to show you how to spice up your guitar playing. She’s sharing some wonderful tips on how to make those old, worn out chords sound new and interesting again. Why you want to dress up your chords Your song…

Required reading for songwriters! The best songwriting books, books on creativity, and the music industry. |

The Best Books on Songwriting, the Music Business, and Creativity

November 30, 2016

Looking  for some reading on songwriting? Or maybe you’re searching for the perfect stocking stuffer for that songwriter in your life? Here’s a collection of books I highly recommend. They’re either books I’ve read cover to cover, keep as a reference, or are considered staples in any songwriter’s library. Books…

Writer's block always seems to hit right around that second verse. Here's how you can push past that Second Verse Curse and finish you song! | Songwriting tips on

4 Ways to Push Past the Dreaded Second Verse Curse

October 8, 2016

Ah, the Second Verse Curse. You knew exactly what I was talking about the moment you read that title. It’s a thing. It’s an awful thing. The Second Verse Curse is something you’ve experience many times, but probably didn’t have a name for until now. It’s that moment when you’re…

Want a great writing experience each time you sit down? Start by establishing your very own songwriting pre-writing ritual. Songwriting tips! |

The 3 Reasons Why You Need a Pre-Writing Ritual Before you Sit Down to Write

September 21, 2016

Do you have a coffee obsession like I do? Just thinking about coffee makes me begin to relax. I can feel my mind starting get a little less tense, and a lot more, “It’s cool man, everything’s gonna be fine.” I can smell it roasting. Suddenly I’m transported to my…

Songwriting tip! Here's how to write better, more meaningful lyrics using all five of our senses. Show, don't tell! |

Writing for the Senses: Songwriting Tip for Memorable, Meaningful Lyrics

September 12, 2016

Songs have a beautiful capacity to take you places. When you hear a song that you used to listen to all the time, you suddenly remember the exact moment in time – the way the light looked, what you were wearing, maybe even the exact smell of something. You could…

Some lyrics just have that magical quality. Learn how to write lyrics that fit into their melodies like a can in a koozie with this songwriting tip! Click to read! |

Amazing Phrasing: How to Write Lyrics and Melodies that Fit Together Like a Glove

September 7, 2016

Hello Fanciers! Let’s talk about something magical. Ever notice how some songs seem to have this completely fluid quality about their lyrics? They sound almost like a beautiful cascade of words and lines that melt seamlessly into one another. The rhymes happen right where you expect them to. The point…

Feel like your worktapes are lacking some pizzazz because you're not a virtuoso guitarist? Here are some quick & easy ways to add sonic interest to your worktapes! |

How to Record Better Worktapes When You’re Not an Amazing Guitar Player

September 1, 2016

Let’s face it, we’re not all Lindsay Ell. Sometimes our worktapes sound just marginally better than a five year old hammering away at chopsticks. Or, if you’re like me, they sound like someone beating the strings of a poor, pitiful guitar with  6 hotdogs and 1 steak knife. That “steak…

How to write songs that spealk: Drawing people into your world with clear, open songwriting. |

Writing Songs that Speak: How to Write Songs that Reach People with Your Message

August 30, 2016

At SongFancy, the goal is twofold: 1. Get you jazzed and inspired to write songs. 2. And give you tools & techniques to write songs that truly speak. By “songs that speak,” I don’t mean songs with spoken word sections. Although, literally, those songs do speak! But when we talk about…

Songwriting Tips | how to write lyrics that are conversational. Draw your listeners in to your songs by speaking directly to them.

Songwriting Tip: How to Write Lyrics that are Conversational

August 23, 2016

There are many songwriting techniques you can use to write amazing and impactful lyrics. Here, we’re gonna take a close look at one specific way: Writing conversationally. Yeehaw! A conversational lyric is a great way to approach your next song – but it’s by no means the only way to…

Dust off your old songs and give them new life. | Writing Songs | Songwriting Tips

How to Dust off Your Old Songs and Give Them New Life

August 8, 2016

Hey babes! Today we’re gonna talk about what you can do with that big back-log of songs you wrote ages ago. The stuff that you kinda think has potential, but you’re really unsure what to do with it. Honestly that is such a good problem to have. That pile of…

Get inspiration delivered straight to your inbox - from SongFancy!

Never miss the latest songwriting tips from your favorite songwriting blog. Sign up below and we'll email you the weekly blog post!