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Songwriting Tips | how to write lyrics that are conversational. Draw your listeners in to your songs by speaking directly to them.

Songwriting Tip: How to Write Lyrics that are Conversational

There are many songwriting techniques you can use to write amazing and impactful lyrics. Here, we’re gonna take a close look at one specific way: Writing conversationally. Yeehaw! A conversational lyric is a great way to approach your next song – but it’s by…

Dust off your old songs and give them new life. | Writing Songs | Songwriting Tips

How to Dust off Your Old Songs and Give Them New Life

Hey babes! Today we’re gonna talk about what you can do with that big back-log of songs you wrote ages ago. The stuff that you kinda think has potential, but you’re really unsure what to do with it. Honestly that is such a good…