How Musicians can Use Pinterest to Reach More Fans


Pinterest is ridiculous, y’all. For real, it’s incredible the kinds of things Pinterest can do for your brand. Because of the varying types of content Pinterest allows you to share, you can get a lot of eyes on your music simply by putting out interesting, visual, branded materials. Not to mention the 70 MILLION users on the site (more fun statistics here). Odds are good someone who finds your content will share it, repin it, or click through and check out your material. Here are some quick tips for setting up a successful, musician friendly Pinterest brand.   Make High quality images with Lyrics This is super fun. Get an...

How To Stay True to Your Voice as a Songwriter and Take Advice Like a Pro


As you write songs and share your art with the world, you’ll start to notice that everyone has an opinion. Some are good, some are bad. Some people will be very adamant that you take their advice. Sometimes, these opinions belong to people who could potentially change the direction of your career. So what do you do? Do you take their advice and dramatically change the artistic direction of the song? Or do you stick to your guns and hold true to what you think is best for the song? If you ask me, I say go with your gut every time. When I look at my own songs, I stay aware of my weaknesses and...

Networking for Introverts


If you’re like me, the idea of spending any length of time at a social event talking to LOTS AND LOTS of people makes you want to crawl back into your pajamas, get under the covers, and hibernate until you completely forget about it. Also, if you’re like me, you know that networking is a necessary evil, especially for songwriters. Here are some proven tips to take the pressure off of “casual mingling”:...