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Social media can connect you to your fans. Here are 72 ways to spark your social media presence in a hurry. |

72 Ways Singer-Songwriters can Jumpstart their Social Media

  This post is a guest post from one of my favorite #musicbizbesties, Katherine Forbes. She’s a digital marketer with a background in artist management and design, and runs Nashville based, Designing The Row.     Social media, when done right, is an incredibly powerful connector.…

Three simple ways to get your songs recorded by singers and bands. Read on |

3 Ways to Get Your Songs Recorded by Artists & Bands

One of the biggest struggles songwriters can have is finding artists to record their material. If your goal is to make an income from your songwriting, then you’ll need to get your music out there. And if you’re not a singer or performer yourself,…

How to find the cowriters you were meant to write with. #songwriting #creativity #Nashville

How to Find Cowriters You Absolutely Love Working With

If you’re new to cowriting, it can be one of the weirdest things you’ll ever do. When I first started writing songs, I kept them to myself. I snuck upstairs into my dad’s study to goof around with his guitars and write instrumentals on…


How Musicians can Use Pinterest to Reach More Fans

Pinterest is ridiculous, y’all. For real, it’s incredible the kinds of things Pinterest can do for your brand. Because of the varying types of content Pinterest allows you to share, you can get a lot of eyes on your music simply by putting out…


Networking for Introverts

If you’re like me, the idea of spending any length of time at a social event talking to LOTS AND LOTS of people makes you want to crawl back into your pajamas, get under the covers, and hibernate until you completely forget about it. Also,…