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All You Need to Know About Record Label A&R

As a songwriter, you'll want to get really familiar with how A&R works at different sized record labels. Jamie Johnson of Smart Band Management leads you through how this department functions. Click to read. | SongFancy.com

Why Songwriters need to know this stuff Songwriters need to know how record labels work, especially the A&R department. Why? Because these are the people who will be screening your songs. Should your song land in the hands of an A&R rep, they will be a direct gateway to getting your song cut by one of their artists, or passing on the song altogether. Learning how A&R does their job will help you make smarter decisions on what to pitch, who to pitch to, and what to write.   The following article was originally written and published by Jamie Johnson on her website, Smart Band Marketing, with slight editing. Thanks, Jamie, for letting...