A Songwriter’s Pep Talk


As I write this, it is January 7th. The last day of the first week of the new year.

January 1st at midnight is always magical – everyone’s slate is wiped clean and we’re given a metaphorical chance to start again. There’s insurmountable hope that this year will be your year.

But as the days tick by, we start to realize that nothing’s really changed. Maybe you started out your first week strong but started to lose energy along the way. Life isn’t tremendously different after all. In fact, this year feels a lot like last year. January 7th might as well be August 7th. And you still haven’t lost weight or quit an old bad habit. Or done anything significant for your writing career.

Keep this post nearby this year. Bookmark it. Read it now and come back to it on the days when you’ve lost the excitement of a fresh, new year. It’s good for every day, not just January 7th.

This is your pep talk for every day of the year.

Write everyday.

Let’s start with what you know. You’re a writer. Right? It’s what you do. So make sure you do it. You can’t call yourself a writer unless you write. So write. Write a little each day. Write a whole song. Write down ideas. Write hooks. Set aside an hour every day to write. Just write something down every day.

It’s not asking much of yourself, really.

You could have to radically change your diet. You could have to switch careers and have to get acquainted with a new job. You could have to get a root canal. But you know what? You don’t have to get a root canal. You just have to write. And writing is fun.

Besides, it feels good!

It’s what you were born to do. You feel great when you’re writing. You feel so incredibly accomplished. When you write, it feels like every single line you put down is polishing your future grammy. You’re a winner and you know it. You can’t deny that it just plain feels good to write.

So you can’t really say that you’d rather put off feeling good.

Especially if you’re putting it off because you feel scared, or lazy, or uninspired, or bored. Do you have the time? Write. Are you done with the housework? Write. Studying and homework all done? Write. Write every opportunity you can. Oh yeah, and actually do it.

Are you scared of failure?

You are literally scared of something that doesn’t exist. Have you written something that failed today? No? Then that failure doesn’t exist. So write.

But what if you’ve failed in the past?

That was in the past. It happened and it’s gone. It is no more. It’s dead. You killed it. It’s never coming back. It’s not around to tell you what you’re capable of learning, doing, or accomplishing in the future. Your past is not your drill sergeant. Your passion is. Congratulations! Now write your next epic song.

The future is beautifully unknown and graciously awaiting your action.

Nothing is set in stone. We don’t know what’s going to happen next until it’s happening. Populate your present with the seeds that will grow your future the way you want it to. The space is there. The fields are fertile. You just need to fill them. Write today, you’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

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Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer is an award winning singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN.

Born in the Sunshine State, Sarah Spencer writes vibrant, shining americana/pop music. She works in Nashville TN as a singer/songwriter, as well as a UX designer for a marketing firm.

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